Nature Sapiens @ JenaTV Humans and Nature in the 21st Century

The cellu l’art Short Film Festival cannot happen in its initially planned form on the 21-26 April this year and is now postponed. We would like to show you two short film programmes on local JenaTV as a small consolation. One of them - “Nature Sapiens”.

Every person interacts with nature in their own way. We shape landscapes and we adjust it to our lifestyle. However, how does the environment change under our influence and how does it change us as well?

On the 21st of April at 9 pm we will show you the special programme “Nature Sapiens”. Six films from Argentina, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia illustrate the different aspects of cohabitation between humans and nature in the 21st century: water-saving, dystopian agriculture and forestry, problems of animal keeping, mining in a desert and an enchanting forest landscape.

Four of the films are without dialogues, two more will be shown in their original language with English subtitles. The programme will be shown on JenaTV with simultaneous streaming on the internet on JenaTV.

Some of the films might not be suitable for an audience under 16.

We would be very grateful for your help in financing the screening. If you would like to donate donate, please click the button below.

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El Agua


film still El Agua
Fiction Argentina
direction: Andrea Dargenio

Some people enjoy a refreshing life without water.

Imperial Valley

film still Imperial Valley
Experimental Austria, Germany
direction: Lukas Marxt

Man-made but no person is to be seen: an artificial agricultural landscape in an American desert.

Oro Blanco

White Gold

film still Oro Blanco
Documentary Germany
direction: Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez

Technology is hungry for Lithium causing damage to the environment, people and llama population of Argentina.

Super Flu - Ark

film still Super Flu - Ark
Music Video Germany
direction: Mark Othmer, Bita Steinjan

The dance of becoming one with nature.



film still Pandy
Animation Czech Republic, Slovakia
direction: Matúš Vizár

Save the pandas! But do we know what they really need?


film still Nemophelia
Experimental Germany
direction: Mirjam Dahl Pedersen

Find peace in nature - a relaxation therapy with colours, movements and sounds of a forest.