Perspectives of Isolation A Digital Film Night on August 6th & 7th 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic this Spring made us all live through a peculiar experience: we spent a few months in isolation. No matter if alone or with a family, if you liked it or loathed the whole world, this is something to tell your grandchildren about in a couple of decades. For most of us it lasted just for a while. However, there are people who find themselves in a lasting isolation, sometimes even life-long. Sect members, lonely widowers, residents of in the middle of nowhere or surreal worlds – no matter if by choice or against one’s will, these people can tell a lot about self-isolation – and now you have enough experience to understand and feel with them.
Our film night "Perspectives of Isolation" will take place online, and this is the perfect way – isolate yourself to watch our movie selection on our website.

Some films of this selection are only suitable for an adult audience.

The Video will be posted here from the 6 pm, 6 August, till 11.45 pm, 7 August

To finance film nights under the current circumstances, we would be glad about your support!

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film still Jackrabbit
Fiction Australia
direction: Alex Feggans

Jed lives with his father Glen at a remote gas station somewhere in the Australian outback. When one day, an Italian backpacker shows up to fill up, he arouses their interest.

Emily Must Wait

film still Emily Must Wait
Fiction Germany
direction: Christian Wittmoser

While Europe is falling apart, Emily must wait in her apartment in hope of seeing her boyfriend sometimes agains. Her will to survive is being put to the test more and more.


film still Salvation
Fiction Iceland
direction: Thora Hilmarsdottir

After an accident, Katrin is saved by a blood transfusion. However, the religious cult she belongs to forbids this. She develops an obsession with the stranger whose blood is flowing through her veins.

Sluggish Life

film still Sluggish Life
Fiction Iran
direction: Mohsen Mehri Deravi

A man lives alone in a dark apartment between millions of eggs. When his phone rings, he has just one desperate request...

The Follow-Up

film still The Follow-Up
Documentary USA
direction: Ben Berman

What does a filmmaker do when they suddenly find themselves and all of the production industry on lockdown? In Berman's case, start to explore the world of Cameo as a tool for human connection.


film still Faith
Fiction Russia
direction: Tatiana Fedorovskaya

An old lonely widower is living alone in his apartment. He perceives the flashing bulb as his late wife's messages.