Pixie Dust Massacre from Outer Space
The Interactive Film Show meets Uschi’s Trash-Crash-Orchestra

Bohemians! Enjoying a glass of posh wine with your trivial prime time entertainment? Not on our watch! ‘Tis no ordinary confrontation with the big screen – rather, we indulge in an interactive experiment of contradictory filmic concoctions. Experience short films far off the beaten track, full of… Bizarre romance! Obscene reflexivity! Brutal idiosyncracy! But don’t panic! You may decide how far the madness shall engulf you: Via extraterrestrial technology, precise calculations, and an unnecessarily complicated (and cute) election system, the audience votes whether the current film be continued or skipped. Hark! Without really noticing, you fall under the spell of music collective Uschi’s Trash-Crash-Orchestra, hailing from Jena, who are going to fine-tune your body with funky spontaneous musical pieces! Entry from 8:30 p.m. Begin at 9 p.m.

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Kulturbahnhof Jena