Open Air Live Music and Short Films

Getting fresh air is always good. That’s why we start the 20th cellu l’art short film festival with our usual Open Air at the Faulloch. This years special guest are the extraterrestrial style icons Maximus, Gail and Philus - also known as Dämse. Freshly arrived from their home planet Dämserus on their intergalactical mission, they bring us an Indie-Disco that earth has never seen before. After this turbulent tonal journey, just when the stars begin to show, we will present to you some of the most intriguing discoveries of the short film universe. There will be snacks and drinks and the last chance to purchase festival tickets for a reduced price.
Faulloch am Johannistor


film still Voyagers
Animation France
direction: Gauthier Ammeux, Alexandre Dumez, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumeny, Lea Finucci & Marina Roger

A tiger, escaping its hunter, finds itself in a space station occupied by an astronaut and his fish.


film still Mascarpone
Fiction Germany
direction: Jonas Riemer

A film projectionist suddenly finds himself in the story of a movie and has to record it in a cardboard world with a gangster.


film still Stargoats
Fiction Brazil
direction: Paulinho Caruso

The global seed vault at the North Pole receives an unexpected visitor when shooting stars fall onto the Arctic island.


film still Blik
Animation Netherlands
direction: Bastiaan Schravendeel

Blik is about a young boy who moves to a new neighbourhood and falls in love for the first time, with the much older girl next door.

The Fox

film still The Fox
Animation Iran
direction: Jonas Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh

A young fox on the verge of experiencing the first love got trapped by a hunter. The Hunter ties his dog collar bell on the fox’s neck and leaves her in the wood. And then the fox begins his effort to survive and love and revenge.

2 Stoned – A Trip to the Sky

film still 2 Stoned – A Trip to the Sky
Fiction Germany
direction: Johannes Kürschner & Franz Müller

A long night, two dudes, two mopeds and too much oil in the blood leads to a stupid idea. They visualize a trip to Sardinia on 50ccm mopeds followed by the ascent of the hardest sport climbing summit of Italy. Just for a 3 second scene in another movie. Let’s join a journey paired with chalk, beer, agony and pleasure.

Cat Noir

film still Cat Noir
Animation Switzerland
direction: O'Neil Bürgi

A letter, a broken heart. The sound of the rain. A black cat, a plan.

Bloemen voor Claudine

Flowers for Claudine

film still Bloemen voor Claudine
Fiction Belgium
direction: Nelson Polfliet

Claudine feels that death will come for her at any moment now. She prepares a big feast.


film still Ugly
Animation Germany
direction: Nikita Diakur

The story of an ugly cat and his journey through a fragmented and broken world. Inspired by the internet story „Ugly the Cat“.