Country Focus 1
Your Wee Bit Hill and Glen

The Highlands are among Europe’s most exotic landscapes: Some corners of the land are nearly uninhabited. An ideal environment for wanderers and dreamers – and hotbed for old tales and myths. Stories from auld lang syne survive in the Scottish hills and glens. They have not gathered dust at all, for the land and its people carry them into today’s world.

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Volksbad Jena


film still Wilderness
Documentary, Scotland,
Temujin Doran

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir

Death in a Nut

film still Death in a Nut
Fiction, Scotland,
Tom Chick

Jeannie welcomes death into her arms after a long illness, but one fateful decision alters the course of nature. Adapted from a story by Scottish writer Duncan Williamson.


film still T U M U L T
Fiction, Scotland,
Johnny Barrington

The harsh Highlands: Stage for many bloody skirmishes. For a warrior and his two sons, the largest battle is at hand – against a beast from another world.

No Place Like Home

film still No Place Like Home
Animation, Scotland,
Cat Bruce

Sona’s simple life in her ramshackle countryside home is disrupted when she and her 7-year-old neighbour Mairi are being forced to move away by massive, industrial constructions.

When the Song Dies

film still When the Song Dies
Documentary, Scotland,
James Barrett

A lament on the cultural significance of the dying oral tradition around
Scotland, including interviews with several “last in the line” tradition bearers.


film still Hula
Fiction, Scotland,
Robin Haig

Clara opens a B&B in the Scottish Highlands. Unexpectedly inspired by her guests, she rediscovers the joys of life.