Country Focus 1
An Underground Frame

Since the emergence of new digital media, independent filmmakers have to rely less and less on government support to make their films. Digitalisation and easier access to film has therefore opened up possibilities for filmmaking. Instead of fearing censorship, independent creatives can now tell stories that could not have been produced otherwise. Whereas the government completely forbids to talk about topics such as homosexuality, women’s rights, students’ and workers’ movements, and defeats critical stances on Iranian politics and religion, independent filmmakers often use documentary and different alternative aesthetics to present sophisticated views on Iranian political and non-political conflicts. It’s especially important for these filmmakers to raise their voices against the authority of the government. Anti-propaganda is even successful at European festivals as the films by Bahman Ghobadi and Jafar Panahi prove. As experiments aren’t welcome in official cinema, many young directors look towards the French and German New Wave Cinema of the 1960s and 1970s to find their own film style. This screening guides into the underground scene and presents films which would not be allowed in in the official cinema in Iran.

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Volksbad Jena

ایران : یک سفر برای اسکی / Iran: A Skier's Journey

film still ایران : یک سفر برای اسکی / Iran: A Skier's Journey
Documentary, Canada, Iran,
Jordan Manley

A story with many contrasts… rules and traditions of Iran relent on white slopes of the Alborz and Zagros mountains of that country.

اعتصاب / Strike

film still اعتصاب / Strike
Documentary, Iran,
Ardavan Tarakame

The film depicts the boring everyday life of workers in Iran. Then the workers decide to strike…

تنازع / Survival

film still تنازع / Survival
Experimental, Iran,
Masaud Hatami

Two people live in a boat on a lake. When corpses fall out of the sky into the water, they use them to survive. How long will their position of power last?

نظریه یادگیری اجتماعی / Social Learning Theory

film still نظریه یادگیری اجتماعی / Social Learning Theory
Fiction, Iran,
Pouria Heydari Oureh

Already school children watch videos of public executions. A different approach of social learning theory.

داستان ناهید / Naheed's Story

film still داستان ناهید / Naheed's Story
Animation, USA,
ORAM Organisation

This is the story of Naheed, a lesbian girl and her girlfriend who try to set their love free.


film still 16:11
Experimental, Iran,
Pouya Gholami

A grandmother tells their grandchildren that kids who ask too many questions, will be eaten. This is one fragment in a radical montage about power, politics, consumerism, and capitalism.

راپسودی ایرانی / Iranian Rhapsody

film still راپسودی ایرانی / Iranian Rhapsody
Animation, Iran,
Masoud Zareh

The presidential election 2009 in Iran followed a heated election campaign. When the incumbent president is re-elected, everybody wonders: Where is my vote?