Country Focus 2
The Configuration of a Land

The Scottish people have always been characterized as inventive and proud and at the same time, they have been plagued by social and economic crises. From this disparity, the Scots developed the best kind of self-deprecation – the one that makes you renitent. No one harms me with me impunity: That is the configuration of the land.

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Mining Poems or Odes

film still Mining Poems or Odes
Documentary, Scotland,
Callum Rice

Robert, an ex-shipyard welder from Glasgow, reflects upon a life that made him switch from the tools of a craftsman – a welding torch – to the tools of a poet: words.

I Love Luci

film still I Love Luci
Fiction, Denmark, England, Scotland,
Colin Kennedy

“I Love Luci” is a comedy of missing teeth, unrequited love and one dog’s potential to shape the fortunes of a couple destined never to be together.

No More Shall We Part

film still No More Shall We Part
Fiction, Scotland,
Shaun Hughes

During the 18th century, the Highland Clearances forced countless Scots into exile – some of them lost more than their worldly goods in the process.

Life Cycles

film still Life Cycles
Animation, Scotland,
Ross Hogg

Routine, monotony, distractions: Our everyday cycle is marked by rhythm. And it is very resilient to global issues that are larger than life.

Bear With Me

film still Bear With Me
Fiction, Scotland,
Colin Healy

A young pregnant woman escapes her husband and has to face the consequences of his temper. A monologue about innocence and aporia.

The Groundsman

film still The Groundsman
Fiction, Scotland,
Jonny Blair

When a lonely football groundsman from rural Scotland finds out his club has gone out of business, he decides to keep his stadium running instead of acknowledging his past affairs.

Radio Silence

film still Radio Silence
Documentary, Scotland,
Duncan Cowles

Duncan sets out to answer a simple question: “Why do my father and I not talk that much to each other?” and finds out about his grandfather, his father – and himself.