Country Focus 3
The Man of Independent Mind

Scots hold independence in highest regards, no matter if it is political, cultural, or individual independence. This leads to a highly distinct creativity which, more often than not, contains a quirky humour that is typical for Scotland. The following films take well-worn topics off the beaten track, they liberate them – and make them independent.

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Such is Life

film still Such is Life
Fiction, Scotland,
Stuart Elliott

A first date goes downhill for Thomas because he falsely put “hillwalking” as a hobby on his online dating profile.

Guide to Fetal Development

film still Guide to Fetal Development
Animation, Scotland,
Scott Willis

A film that sheds light on the influence social media has on the fetal development process. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

Flow Country

film still Flow Country
Documentary, The Netherlands, Scotland,
Jasper Coppes

Between attempts at industrialization and the protection of unique wildlife: An apocalyptic journey through a contested site in the far north of Scotland.

Dentures of Death

film still Dentures of Death
Fiction, Scotland,
Elias Sommer

A horror comedy with teeth: Little Tommy stays for the night at great-uncle Will’s. His home’s filled to the brim with creepy stuff, but worst of all is Tommy’s tooth falling out…


film still Bubblegum
Experimental, Scotland,
Rose Hendry

Stuck in a bubble, a girl dreams of a sunset.

Taking Stock

film still Taking Stock
Documentary, Scotland,
Duncan Cowles

Using his failed attempts at creating profitable stock footage, a filmmaker reflects on the absurd and mundane side of being an out-of-work, self-employed freelancer.


film still Stems
Animation, Scotland,
Ainslie Henderson

“What I love about stop motion puppets is that they have this inherent sadness about them. Everything they do is their swan song.”

The Making of Longbird

film still The Making of Longbird
Fiction, Scotland,
Will Anderson

Длинная Птица (“Long Bird”), a legend of Russian animation. A budding director strives to rejuvenate the character, but the bird just won’t play along.


film still Pouters
Documentary, Scotland,
Paul Fegan

A modern day story of undying commitment, rivalry, family and friendship interwoven by the underground and idiosyncratic Scottish sport of doo-fleein’.


film still Nosey
Fiction, Scotland,
Rory Alexander Stewart

Hoping for some conversation beyond her dog, Julie tries to get to know a strange man in the park.