Country Focus 3
Made in Iran

Politics play a significant role for Iranian film directors. However, instead of engaging in propagandistic or underground films, some young directors opt to choose official dramatic fiction films to express their ideas. Despite the constraints of censorship, such as the prohibition of any erotic scenes, they manage to create a new aesthetic which is well-respected around the world and receives attention at international festivals. Abbas Kiarostami and Asghar Farhadi are two personalities whose films have won many awards and are held in high regard. For these filmmakers, the artistic aesthetic itself is more important than political conflicts. However, social issues are often implemented symbolically in the films. Many young students who want to stay creative but do not want to play a role in political conflicts, try to produce films with simple, universal themes such as family, childhood, and youth. By using an ambiguous cinematic language, they are able to cautiously challenge censorship and the boundaries it sets. This screening provides an insight into Iranian film culture and what’s between underground and propaganda.

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سربازان لک لک ها را دوست دارند / Soldiers Like Storks

film still سربازان لک لک ها را دوست دارند / Soldiers Like Storks
Fiction, Iran,
Saeed Nejati

A soldier wants to get married. First though, he has to destroy a stork’s nest...

نقش هر پرده / The Deal

film still نقش هر پرده / The Deal
Animation, Iran,
Maryam Farahzadi

A couple struggles to find common ground – a persian love story told through Persian traditional painting.

حضور / Presence

film still حضور / Presence
Experimental, Iran,
Shahram Badakhshanmehr

A city, streets, houses, fighting couples… Impressions of daily life and the voices and images of modern Tehran.

آن / The Instant

film still آن / The Instant
Fiction, Iran,
Mohammad Hadad

Two enemies face each other in war. Drinking water is important, but can they really afford that?

سحر / Sahar

film still سحر / Sahar
Fiction, Iran,
Alexander Farah

Nadim recounts the night his sister came home at four in the morning and disappeared shortly after.

نیوزیف / Newzif

film still نیوزیف / Newzif
Experimental, Iran,
Mohamad Esmaeeli

In the highest building of a city empty of inhabitants, a man goes up the stairs. Out of breath, he sits down in the middle of the staircase. Suddenly, a man jumps over his head.

ما فقط درباره اش حرف می زنیم / We Are Just Talking About

film still ما فقط درباره اش حرف می زنیم / We Are Just Talking About
Fiction, Iran,
Kaveh Haddadi

Are you faithful in your relationship? Two married women are talking about having fun with other men – theoretically of course! That goes without saying.

قمارباز / The Gambler

film still قمارباز / The Gambler
Fiction, Iran,
Karim Lakzadeh

In a misty village, on the top of a mountain, two gamblers sedate an old man and take him to a deserted cottage located in the middle of the jungle to exact revenge.