Country Focus on Scotland
Welcome Reception

(»FAHL-cheh gu ULLE-bah«) Scottish Gaelic for »Welcome to Scotland! «With these words, we would like to invite you to commence this year’s cellu l’art Short Film Festival and this year’s country focus on Scotland. This welcome reception takes place in the presence of many of the Scottish filmmakers that we invited to our festival with their short films. We would like to get you in the right mood for a journey to the Highlands with traditional cuisine and drinks. Have a wee dram Uisge Beatha ((»WISH-ke Ba-ha«) with us, a glass of whisky, and try out Scotland’s infamous Haggis – attention, though: It tastes so much better than everyone wants you to believe!
Following the reception, we will begin with the country focus’ first programme, »Your Wee Bit Hill and Glen.«

And finally: Sláinte mhaith! (»SLAN-tchee va!«) To your health!

Volksbad Jena