Jena Special Town, Country, Fantasy

Those who stroll around widen their view for something special, and risk abandoning the boundaries of dream and reality. Together with KinoDynamique and FILMthuer, we gather creatives from the region and show their contributions of slapstick flâneurs, wildlife filmmakers and daydreamers.
(Kleiner Saal)
Volksbad Jena

Herr Knoppel kniept

Mr Knoppel tipples

film still Herr Knoppel kniept
Fiction Germany
direction: André Helbig

During a walk, Mr. Knoppel has an encounter that makes him blossom again. The child in him awakens.



film still Hörketörkeörkejörn
Fiction Germany
direction: Antony Kamp, Tobias Kiehntopf

Hörketörkeörkejörn tells his life story. A satire about chair rights.

Negative Space

Chef Alberto Fratelli – From Italy with Love

film still Negative Space
Fiction Germany
direction: Franziska Brandt, Jasper Denissen

The popular TV chef invites you to his home and prepares an spontaneous feast.

Tiere im Kriegsgebie

Animals in the war zone

film still Tiere im Kriegsgebie
Fiction Germany
direction: Franz Villan, Stefan Boden

The television station sends an animal filmmaker to Afghanistan to study animals in the war zone. But the events develop a momentum of their own.

Verborgene Schönheit - Die Orchideen des Saaletals

Hidden Beauty - The Orchids of the Saale Valley

film still Verborgene Schönheit - Die Orchideen des Saaletals
Documentary Germany
direction: David Cebulla

Native orchids are one of the most endangered plant species in Germany. The filmmaker sets out in search of the unique creatures.

Ein Traum von Glück

A Dream of Happiness

film still Ein Traum von Glück
Fiction Germany
direction: Janne Hansberg

When daydreamer Leo meets his new classmate Jessica, his life turns upside down.



film still Lavajazz
Experimental Germany
direction: Thai Tai Kokus

In a surrealistic world, hands feel a life of their own and discover their urge for impulsiveness and expression.

Hotel Sehnsucht

Hotel Desire

film still Hotel Sehnsucht
Fiction Germany
direction: Stefan Schmidt, Paula Preller

Two worlds meet in a luxury hotel. The chambermaid enjoys the beautiful clothes and the apparent happiness of the baron's daughter.