Wherever we look, we see the world through our own eyes and often enough with those of others. How dazzling the whole thing is when we step out of our norm-trained comfort zone is revealed in the QueeRealities.

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Available from December 18th 2020, 4 p.m., until December 21st 2020, 11.59 p.m.

Riot Not Diet

film still Riot Not Diet
Documentary Germany
direction: Julia Fuhr Mann

A golden summer dress in XXL, water ice in your hand slowly drips onto the asphalt. RIOT NOT DIET – your body is a demo!

Dressed for Pleasure

film still Dressed for Pleasure
Fiction Switzerland
direction: Marie de Maricourt

The arrival of a new cleaner leads to some entanglement in Sarah’s life.

The Gods of Tiny Things

film still The Gods of Tiny Things
Animation Australia
direction: Deborah Kelly

A collage animation about the current threats to life and the kaleidoscopic pleasures of life itself in all its teeming, dancing fertility.

Pirate Boys

film still Pirate Boys
Documentary Germany
direction: Pol Merchan

A performative exploring of trans subjectivity and queerness in person of punk icon and writer Kathy Acker.

The Swimming Club

film still The Swimming Club
Documentary Great Britain
direction: Ceci Golding & Nick Finegan

A film about the transgender swimming club that’s making waves.


film still Entropia
Animation Hungary
direction: Flóra Anna Buda

An explosion, colours, forms, sex, the universe, bras, and – a fly. An utopian-entropic trip into well-known worlds.

Yulia & Juliet

film still Yulia & Juliet
Fiction Netherlands
direction: Zara Dwinger

"Yulia & Juliet" is contemporary love story based on Shakespeare’s "Romeo & Juliet".