We'll See Tomorrow Tender Robots, Raw Buildings and Heavy Metal

Our world will end anyway – sooner or later. There are a lot of possible scenarios – a climate disaster, a nuclear war, an epidemy or a machine rebellion. But it will revive. Maybe. These short films show how the brave new world might eventually look like. Not always appealing, but sometimes tender.

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Available from December 18th 2020, 4 p.m., until December 21st 2020, 11.59 p.m.


film still Ruin
Animation USA
direction: Wes Ball

The world is greener and almost without people. A lonely biker is trying to escape a deadly drone in a thick vegetation of an urban landscape.


film still Floreana
Animation Denmark
direction: Louis Morton

People finally live in full harmony with animals. On isolated islands they have elaborated a very peculiar symbiosis.

L'azzuro del cielo

The Blue Sky

film still L'azzuro del cielo
Experimental Switzerland
direction: Enea Zucchetti

Huge glass facades, high towers, monstrous concrete frames and a bit of fog: a lonely man walks through the post-apocalyptic architecture.

Robot Will Protect You

film still Robot Will Protect You
Animation Estonia
direction: Nicola Piovesan

Even when it is raining constantly, the police is chasing you, everyone you know is high on drugs and you are just a small girl – the robot will protect you.

Rust in Peace

film still Rust in Peace
Fiction USA
direction: Will Welles

Your toaster is too old, and you get rid of it. In the future, you will do this with your robot. Your toaster won’t come back – your robot might …



film still Kathedralen
Documentary Germany
direction: Konrad Kästner

You don’t always have to wait for the future to experience dystopia – it can be found right now in a ghost city in China.


film still Sealand
Animation Germany
direction: Till Giermann

A marine officer goes on a mission to stop the constant bombings of his city and ends up in a paradise – an unsettling paradise.