Off You Go

Whether it’s fiction, animation or experimental films: The forest and its inhabitants feature heavily in this selection of films from Central Germany. A key question which the films pose is how we deal with each other, with nature and with other living creatures. “Off You Go” offers a stage for films that had been developed in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia in the past two years.

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Volksbad Jena



film still Schattenfuchs
Animation, Germany,
Damaris Zielke

In this animated film, we are guided through nature by the eponymous Shadowfox.

Kaltes Tal

Cold Valley

film still Kaltes Tal
Experimental, Germany,
Florian Fischer & Johannes Krell

An alienating, but at the same time beautiful view on the relationship between humans and nature.

Am Ende der Wald

Where the Woods End

film still Am Ende der Wald
Fiction, Germany,
Felix Ahrens

Where the Woods End focuses on Elke, a cop who is on a downward spiral after she accidentally shot a Czech at a border control.

My Third Eye

film still My Third Eye
Animation, Germany,
Linh Nguyen

A music video in which outstanding animation and striking music create a chillingly hypnotic effect.

Wider das Vergessen

Lest We Forget

film still Wider das Vergessen
Animation, Germany,
Carsten Lerch

A constant back-and-forth between remembrances of Buchenwald concentration camp and nature reclaiming the area.

Love Goes Through the Stomach

film still Love Goes Through the Stomach
Experimental, Germany,
Art Collective Neozoon

This video collage portrays the eating habits of Western society, its exuberance, and a troubling relationship towards animal products.

I Love My Carl

film still I Love My Carl
Animation, Germany,
Alina Cyranek

Jack and his car Carl are inseparable – until Jack goes on a date and Carl feels deceived.