What’s one to do with film submission that just have to be seen but haven’t found their place in the international competition? Films that furthermore possess unconventional qualities. Well, we’re gonna show them in our “B-sides” - the cellu l’art short film programme for anyone who likes the unusual.

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film still Maria
Fiction, Philippines,
Jaime Habac Jr.

A 50-year-old woman gives birth to her 22nd child.

The Rabbit Hunt

film still The Rabbit Hunt
Documentary, USA,
Patrick Bresnan

On the weekends during harvest season, Chris and his family hunt rabbits.

Memories Wrapped in Paperplanes

film still Memories Wrapped in Paperplanes
Experimental, The Netherlands,
Antonia Rehnen

In this film, ruminations of time and memories seem to wander. The human mind is displayed as a limitless terrain of discovery.

Glanz Plus

Gloss Plus

film still Glanz Plus
Documentary, Germany,
Yannik Carstensen

Harper's Bazaar's art director photographs and edits pictures of women's shoes and lipsticks on a daily basis.

Kontemporary Soundsystem

film still Kontemporary Soundsystem
Fiction, Canada,
Naïa Combary, Gil Gharbi

A pregnant teenager wanders around a party in a forest, looking for her place in this metaphorical world.

Impossible Figures and Other Stories II

film still Impossible Figures and Other Stories II
Animation, Poland,
Marta Pajek

The protagonist trips and falls, while rushing around the house. She gets up, only to discover that her home has unusual features.


film still Copa-Loca
Fiction, Greece,
Christos Massalas

Copa-Loca is an abandoned summer resort. Everyone cares for Paulina and she cares about everyone – in every possible way.