Family Values

"'Family Values' consists of some of my all-time favourite short films that I’ve seen at film festivals during the past ten years. Family just seems to bring out the best of us. It may be the most peculiar institution mankind has ever come up with."

Joonas Rutanen is a film director and writer from Finland, based in Helsinki. In 2016, cellu l’art Short Film
Festival Jena screened his film »Huulilla« (On Your Lips) in a Finnish country focus programme. His film
»Rakastan Annaa« (I Love Anna) competed in the international competition in 2017. This year, he shows
a short film programme with a focus on family issues.

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Volksbad Jena



film still Missen
Fiction, The Netherlands,
Jochem de Vries

A mother takes her seven-year-old daughter to school. She's going on a field trip with her class today.

Mamma vet bäst

Mother Knows Best

film still Mamma vet bäst
Fiction, Sweden,
Mikael Bundsen

After introducing his mother to his boyfriend, an angsty teenager faces an awkward car journey home.

Undressing My Mother

film still Undressing My Mother
Documentary, Ireland,
Ken Wardrop

A poignant documentary that explores a woman’s unique take on her aging body.

Erään hyönteisen tuho

The Death of an Insect

film still Erään hyönteisen tuho
Experimental, Finland,
Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen

In a lifeless urban landscape, a mad ballet is commencing.


film still Arsy-Versy
Documentary, Slovakia,
Miro Remo

A film about a mother and her son Lubos who conquered the world upside-down.


The Ceiling

film still Katto
Fiction, Finland,
Teppo Airaksinen

A man suddenly finds his ceiling coming down on him.

Ett enklare liv

A Simpler Life

film still Ett enklare liv
Fiction, Sweden,
Gunhild Enger

The gadgets that Ing-Marie and Carl surround themselves with cause nothing but trouble.