Queer Shorts

The short films of „Queer Shorts” tell of protagonists constantly in a process of self-discovery. They learn more about themselves while engaging in power plays, dealing with their own past and struggling with the norms of society. New-found confidence and inner strength – in one way or the other – await.

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Μαμά, γύρισα

Mum I'm Back

film still Μαμά, γύρισα
Fiction, Greece,
Dimitris Katsimiris

A funeral, determined steps and dire consequences.

Oui Mais Non

Yes but No Thanks

film still Oui Mais Non
Fiction, Canada,
Alexa-Jeanne Dubé

Hunting for attention (and affection?), Emilie lies down in snow – at -30° Celsius.

Las Gitanas

film still Las Gitanas
Fiction, USA,
Matthew Anderson

In retro black-and-white, Las Gitanas tells of a gang of misfits and their experiences in night-time L.A.

Passée l'aube

After Dawn

film still Passée l'aube
Fiction, Belgium,
Nicolas Graux

An unexpected visitor awakens suppressed feelings.


film still Tailor
Animation, Brazil,
Calí dos Anjos

How cartoons help to deal with the world.

Min Homosyster

My Gay Sister

film still Min Homosyster
Fiction, Sweden,
Lia Hietala

Does the pulse really increase while thinking at the person you like?