Shocking Shorts

We love having the creeps. Doesn’t matter if it’s about monsters under the bed, murderers outside our windows or just the unknown evil lurking in the shadows and behind our backs - horror just gives us this pleasurable creepy feeling that haunts us and hopefully stays with us even when the film is over. If you share our sadomasochistic tendencies you should definitely check out the Shocking Shorts!

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film still I
Experimental, Great Britain,
Luke Losey

Some horror isn’t that obvious. It can be seen in the eyes of the person in front of you.

Don’t Ever Change

film still Don’t Ever Change
Fiction, USA,
Don Swaynos

They say that you change every seven years. But is that true?

Fried Barry

film still Fried Barry
Experimental, South Africa,
Ryan Kruger

We have been told not to take drugs since we were kids. Why? Watch this.


film still Gridlock
Fiction, Ireland,
Ian Hunt Duffy

Traffic jam in the Irish backwoods. Tensions arise and only one question remains: Who can I trust?


film still Squash
Experimental, Germany,
Maximilian Bungarten

Who isn’t familiar with the horrors of capitalism? The only new thing is the setting of the squash court.


film still Mouse
Fiction, USA,
Celine Held & Logan George

We don’t always know what we eat. Just sometimes we know it - and we rather wouldn’t.


film still Highway
Fiction, Australia,
Vanessa Gazy

In the Australian outback it can sometimes be very tough to get from A to B. You feel so lucky when you can hitch a ride.


film still Homesick
Fiction, Great Britain,
Samuel Goodwin

A little boy is alone at home. He got “comfortable” without his parents.