Wednesday, October 20th

from 6 pm on

International Competition 2: Pour One Out for the Past


6:00 pm | Schillerhof cinema | blue room

The past shapes us all, but the only thing that matters is what we make of it.

Special: Time to Face the Music


6 pm | Kino am Markt | room 1

It is all about short films that tell their stories through and with music.

from 8 pm on

Special: Are You Alright? (part 1)


8:00 pm | Schillerhof cinema | blue room

Short films about mental health in two parts (second part on Friday, October 22nd, 6 pm, Schillerhof).

Internationaler Competition 5: Dance of Seduction


8:15 pm | Schillerhof cinema | red room

In a dizzying vortex of lust and death drive, the cinema screen will be asked to dance five times.

from 10 pm on

Internationaler Competition 3: A Little Less Togetherness


10 pm | Schillerhof cinema | blue room

Whether you are a novice in a strict monastery, a pensioner in a quiet apartment or a receptionist in a hotel out of season: every solitude is unique!