Teen Shorts

If you made a film about your life, what would it be about? School? Friends? Family? The future? Fears? Love? You are about to get many ideas for your personal screenplay in our "Teen Shorts" programme. The films deal with the interest for your own sex, absent parents, spooky people at night, the dark sides of the internet and the struggle against all odds. Come along if you’re up for moving and exciting films worlds apart from "High School Musical" and "Twilight".

The “Teen Shorts” programme was curated in cooperation with teenagers and is aimed at students in grades 11 and 12.

With generous support by Jena Bioscience.

(Kino im Schillerhof)
(Kino im Schillerhof)


film still Game
Fiction, Germany,
Jeannie Donohue

A new kid in town shows up at the high school boys basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Will talent and drive be enough to make the team?

Naomi's geheim

Naomi's Secret

film still Naomi's geheim
Documentary, The Netherlands,
Saskia Gubbels

What does it feel like when a mother is unable to care of her child because she has got her own problems? Naomi's relationship with her mother is somewhere in-between love and distance.


Waiting time

film still Wartezeit
Fiction, Austria,
Clara Stern

Waiting for the bus becomes a real nerve-wracking test for Anna.


film still Comments
Experimental, Germany,
Jannis Alexander Kiefer

A shit load of hate speech and racism put on screen in an instant and satirical way.


film still I.O.C.
Fiction, USA,
Gerardo Soto

The intimate portrait of a teenager on the morning of his high school shooting, shot entirely on a drone camera in only one take.


film still Sola
Animation, Australia,
Jonathan Nix

Do you know what smombies are? They’re scattered all over the world, not considering anything around them. However, they look like normal people and maybe even you are one of them…

Min Homosyster

My Gay Sister

film still Min Homosyster
Fiction, Sweden,
Lia Hietala

Does the pulse really increase when you think of the person you like? Cleo is ten and doesn't have a crush on anyone. Or does she?