Teen Shorts

A fine selection of exciting stories and insights into the life of youths, handpicked by cellu l’art with the help of film experts from grade 9 to 12. After the screening, the students will host a Q&A with filmmakers and audience. It’s up to you to select the film that will receive the coveted audience award!

The programme is especially designed for school groups and will be screened on 27 April at 10 and 12 am at Kino am Markt. No admission fee!

Please book in advance via mail to info@cellulart.de.

With generous support by Jena Bioscience.

(Kino am Markt)
(Kino am Markt)


film still True
Fiction, Germany,
Simon Schneider

A genius coder is on the verge of perfecting an artificial intelligence, only to find out through his work that his girlfriend has cheated on him. Furious, he rewrites his code.


film still Mushkie
Fiction, Israel,
Aleeza Chanowitz

Mushkie moved to Israel together with her friend Sari. They tell each other everything – almost everything, for Mushkie keeps a secret: a boyfriend, with whom she’s already had sex. »Mushkie« is a film about both the pros and cons of the first time.


film still Bibi
Fiction, Iran,
Saeed Nejati

»Granny« tells the story of a group of teenagers who want to send their grandmother to the Al-Arba’in memorial festival in Iraq. And no drawback will disencourage them.

Mon dernièr été

film still Mon dernièr été
Fiction, Canada,
Claude Demers

Eleven-year-old Tom likes to spend time with Edith, who is about the same age. Soon he will discover her secrets and the inertia that comes with not knowing how to do the right thing. It will be his last innocent summer.


film still Schwerelos
Documentary, Germany, Austria,
Jannis Lenz

Parkour is more than transcending the walls of the city – it’s movement, not only of one, but of many, and a collage told by the body. A poem by poetry slam performer Fatima Moumouni points out this feeling.

Bis einer weint

film still Bis einer weint
Fiction, Germany,
Benjamin Leichtenstern

Since Hanna doesn’t believe in committing to relationships anymore, she avoids proximity to others and lives without any restraint. But all that changes once she’s introduced to Tim during a night out. Hanna has met her match... till one cries?

Pieniä kömpelöitä hellyydenosoituksia

film still Pieniä kömpelöitä hellyydenosoituksia
Fiction, Finland,
Miia Tervo

Saara stays at her father’s for the weekend as per usual. He’s totally embarassing as per usual. What a bloody mess.