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Surely no one likes to feel unwanted. And yet, everyone once in a while, you can't escape it. You can certainly try, you might even face it and, occasionally, benefit from it.

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Viola, Franca

film still Viola, Franca
Fiction, Italy,
Marta Savina

When a man can’t get what he wants, he just claims it by force. And a woman reacts to that in her very
own way, thus paving the way into the future for all the women in her country.


film still Imbiss
Documentary, Germany,
Christoph Eder & Jonas Eisenschmidt

If a lot of people are out and about, they will become hungry and thirsty eventually. They will also have to charge their battery. Bill knows that. He assesses the situation and turns it into a business.


film still #selfie
Experimental, Germany,
David M. Lorenz

A couple takes a relaxing trip, challenging their amorous felicity by trying to capture each and every moment for posterity. Please smile. Again. And again. And again.

Po Covika / Half a Man

film still Po Covika / Half a Man
Fiction, France, Croatia,
Kristina Kumric

What if your father does not return as the hero that you had always taken him for? How do you cope
with the fact that your father isn’t there anymore, replaced by someone (something?) different?

Made in Spain

film still Made in Spain
Animation, Spain,
Coke Riobóo

A day at the beach. But this particular beach embodies an entire country and not just an oasis for recreation. It's a genuine rockus, if a times a tad bittersweet and facetious.

The Chop

film still The Chop
Fiction, Great Britain,
Lewis Rose

We've all bent the truth a little just to get a job, haven't we. But what if you're a Jew and your employer is a Muslim? A comedy with meat.