Competition 2
You & Me - We Don't Agree!

You've got a plan, but life begs to differ? That is the situation in which the protagonists in this program of contrasts find themselves in. They face unexpected problems caused by the peculiar and dubious schemes of others. And they will have to solve these problems one way or another. Which doesn't always go as well as planned...

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Paläontologie / Paleontology

film still Paläontologie / Paleontology
Fiction, Switzerland,
Pablo Callisaya

Two students, Rafi and Alex, decide to focus on a new scientific discipline: Paleontology. From now on, »she« has to be at least ten years older.

Cipka / Pussy

film still Cipka / Pussy
Animation, Poland,
Renata Gasiorowska

Her evening home alone was supposed to be reserved just for her own pleasure. But some things don’t go according to plan.

Die Last der Erinnerung / The Burden of Memory

film still Die Last der Erinnerung / The Burden of Memory
Fiction, Austria,
Albert Meisl

The search for a valuable sheet of music forces Mr. Fitzthum deeper and deeper into Mr. Szabo’s dysfunctional world of emotional instability and failing attempts to make coffee.

MeTube2: August Sings Carmina Burana

film still MeTube2: August Sings Carmina Burana
Music Video, Austria,
Daniel Moshel

Classical music in modern times: Elfie and her nerdy son August venture onto the streets to present the most abstract and wicked »Super Duper Version« of the »Carmina Burana«.

Voor Film / Supporting Film

film still Voor Film / Supporting Film
Documentary, The Netherlands,
Douwe Dijkstra

Some rely on sound, some rely on images, and some boast expert knowledge that gets in the way of everything else. A story about the world of moving images and its audience.

I Follow You

film still I Follow You
Fiction, Sweden,
Jonatan Etzler

Anna doesn‘t know the seemingly sweet stranger on the train. But he knows her...

Love is Blind

film still Love is Blind
Fiction, Great Britain,
Dan Hogdson

When Alice‘s boyfriend arrives home early, he has no idea about the delicate situation which is escaping his senses.

Mon dernier été / My Last Summer

film still Mon dernier été / My Last Summer
Fiction, Canada,
Paul-Claude Demers

Last summer, Tom and Edith were having a hard time. While he tried to share his affection for her, she carried a terrible secret.