Competition 2
Flavours of Existence

Loss is characterised by a gap which is created through the absence of something that filled it before - fully or in part. An absence, a yearning, a good-bye. Was it a deliberate farewell? Or did something force the parting? Did someone finally put an end to the problem?

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Volksbad Jena

Dire Straits

Dire Straits

film still Dire Straits
Fiction, Germany,
Kuesti Fraun

Church: A place of redemption, promising the end of one’s pain. Literally.


film still Omnibussssss
Experimental, Germany,
Kuesti Fraun

A short (long) commentary on life’s injustices.


film still Retouch
Fiction, Iran,
Kaveh Mazaheri

After a woman observes her husband dying, her everyday life continues as usual.

Bloemen voor Claudine

Flowers for Claudine

film still Bloemen voor Claudine
Fiction, Belgium,
Nelson Polfliet

Claudine feels that death will come for her at any moment now. She prepares a big feast.

Watu Wote

All of us

film still Watu Wote
Fiction, Germany,
Katja Benrath

In a country that has been targeted by terrorist attacks for decades, a bus becomes the site for a demonstration of human solidarity.


film still Ugly
Animation, Germany,
Nikita Diakur

The story of an ugly cat and his journey through a fragmented and broken world. Inspired by the internet story “Ugly the Cat”.

Sieg der Barmherzigkeit

Victory of Charity

film still Sieg der Barmherzigkeit
Fiction, Austria,
Albert Meisl

What happens when a person that claims to know you tries to clean up your life. And as a result causes an action-paced race with a chain reaction.