Competition 3
Business as Usual

This programme is devoted to everyday life, the usual, the ordinary. Our perception of everyday life is highly ambivalent though. It’s not something that’s self-evident but must be questioned, and can be shaped and changed. That’s why we constantly have to ask ourselves, what our everyday is, what it could be and how it shouldn’t be.

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Volksbad Jena


film still Comments
Experimental, Germany,
Jannis Alexander Kiefer

A shit load of hate speech and racism put on screen in an instant and satirical way.

The Boy from H2

film still The Boy from H2
Documentary, Israel,
Helen Yanovsky

A striking documentary about a twelve-year old boy named Muhammad Burquan, who lives in the Area H2 - a section of the city Hebron which is under control of the Israeli Military.


film still Penelope
Animation, Estonia, Finland,
Heta Jäälinoja

The doorbell rings. Someone is at the door. And everything's a huge mess. A rough and sketchy animation about a last-minute cleaning session. But whom is it actually for?


film still I.O.C.
Fiction, USA,
Gerardo Soto

The intimate portrait of a teenager on the morning of his high school shooting, shot entirely on a drone camera in only one take.

Intervention in einer Bank

Intervention in a Bank

film still Intervention in einer Bank
Experimental, Switzerland,
Matthias Sahli

A satirical look on a pretty bizarre working place.

Hanooz Na

Not Yet

film still Hanooz Na
Fiction, Iran,
Arian Vazidaftair

It`s Hasti’s Birthday. She studies abroad and her parents in Iran want to congratulate her via Skype.


Waiting Time

film still Wartezeit
Fiction, Austria,
Clara Stern

Waiting for the bus becomes a real nerve-wracking test for Anna.