Competition 3
Paranoid Portals

Mental health is hardly anything but a guideline in these films. Survival insticts turn into a Danse Macabre between freaks and lunatics. In a way, paranoia is nothing more but imagination set to hyperdrive after bouts of uneventfulness. Because sometimes, boredom opens portals to other worlds - with a one-way ticket if you're unlucky.

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Happy End

film still Happy End
Animation, Tschechien,
Jan Saska

Trigger-happy foresters, harvesters, speeders: We live in a dangerous world. Still, happy ends do exist – even if it all goes straight downhill beforehand.

Last Call Lenny

film still Last Call Lenny
Fiction, USA,
Julien Lasseur

Tough times call for effective performance. Lenny combines his used furniture business with an agency that helps suicidal people kill themselves. Customer satisfaction: 100%.

Lines, Planes and Hyperplanes

film still Lines, Planes and Hyperplanes
Experimental, Finland,
Antti Polojärvi

Analytic geometry – Yawn! With a little imagination, vectors and planes turn into absurd worlds. A meditative film about scribbling.

Glaspärlan / The Glass Pearl

film still Glaspärlan / The Glass Pearl
Fiction, Finland,
Tommi Seitajoki

Boys will be boys. They play games, fool around in the woods, rummage through garbage. But one of them has much stranger rules than he makes everyone believe.

Turbo Killer

film still Turbo Killer
Experimental, France,
Seth Ickerman

An 80s neon explosion: A woman is kept prisoner by crooks in sports cars. From the depths of space, her saviour draws near: It’s the Turbo Killer!

Symbolic Threats

film still Symbolic Threats
Documentary, Germany,
Mischa Leinkauf, Lutz Henke & Matthias Wermke

News clips talk about an art performance piece by the filmmakers – and reveal a US nation that is paranoid to the core. Art is (finally?) dangerous again.

Stacey en de alien / Stacey and the Alien

film still Stacey en de alien / Stacey and the Alien
Fiction, Belgium,
Nelson Polfliet

Cheerleader Stacey would love to be alone with her mother. But the neighbours shake up her little peaceful world. This is all before the aliens come.


film still Decorado
Animation, Spain,
Alberto Vázquez

Arnold and his cute cartoon friends take a look behind the veil and find nothing but horrors. All the world’s a stage – a very, very decrepit stage.