Competition 4
Secret Desires

We crave exploring the unknown, adventures or taboos and take ourselves on a fine line between rationality and desire. Sometimes we languish, make bad choices and lose balance. Afterwards, we try desperately to find this balance once more – a balance that is highly complex and individual.

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Volksbad Jena


film still Catherine
Animation, Belgium,
Britt Raes

Every child wants a pet as a playmate, friend and true companion. For Catherine, this wish becomes her life’s work.


Wild Beasts

film still Villdyr
Fiction, Norway,
Sverre Kvamme

A group of kids spends the day together in Northern Norway. Their spontaneous energy raises unimagined tensions.


For Free

film still Gratis
Fiction, The Netherlands,
Tobias Smeets & Merijn Scholte Albers

A couple wins free shopping for one minute in a supermarket. To make the most of the situation, they need a plan. For the shopping spree or for their marriage?


film still Stigma
Documentary, Germany,
Peter Jeschke

“Stigma” is an interview with a paedophile who tells his story and answers questions. Brutally honest with himself, he speaks about guilt, desire and sexual assaults.

Special Offer

film still Special Offer
Experimental, Great Britain,
Leonie McQuillan & Rachel Lambert

Our fantasy and imagination goes wild when seeing the macro shots of “Special Offer”. An experimental short film that plays with the audience’s expectations.

Perfect Darkness

film still Perfect Darkness
Fiction, Belgium,
Maaike Neuville

At dawn, a couple wanders towards the beach, surrounded by isolated and wild nature. With the fading sunlight, the night shifts. And so does the relationship between Gus and Anna.