Competition 5
Songs of Innocence

The loss of innocence: These films strive for corruption through sex, rebellion, and eruptions. Always trying out something new, something different - and why not? No guts, no glory. Yet innocence can be lost though gradual adaptions, by closing in on somebody - gently. And sometimes, innocence is incorruptible.

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Volksbad Jena

Pink Velvet Valley

film still Pink Velvet Valley
Fiction, Belgium,
Sébastien Petretti

A charming village in the arse end of nowhere, Scotland; a cab falling to bits; and soft-spoken Alec
Calan, facing an acute case of Ray-ban addiction: Welcome to Pink Velvet Valley!

The Deal

film still The Deal
Animation, Great Britain, Poland,
Ewa Smyk

A stop-motion animation film on the arranging of marriages in 1950/60s Eastern-Polish borderland. The script is based in part on Mikołaj Smyk’s diary – the director’s grandfather.

Rakastan Annaa / I Love Anna

film still Rakastan Annaa / I Love Anna
Fiction, Finland,
Joonas Rutanen

Santeri watches the older boys on their motorbikes. He styles his hair and visits his friend Anna. At Anna‘s home, childhood‘s anarchy meets adolescent’s puberty.

Peep Show

film still Peep Show
Animation, Italy,
Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

The viewer witnesses a private show in which art is the object of desire. The most beautiful erotic icons of the classical period wink and show themselves off.

Über Druck / Over Pressure

film still Über Druck / Over Pressure
Documentary, Germany,
Sebastian Binder & Sebastian Fred Schirmer

Everyone knows it, everyone has it. No pressure in the kettle means deadlock. Nevertheless it always seems too strong. Pressure is not tangible, pressure is mostly transparent. But if it is high enough, pressure is noticeable.

Jungwild / Buck

film still Jungwild / Buck
Fiction, Austria,
Bernhard Wenger

Michael prefers listening to loud music rather than thinking about future responsibilities. His father, however, is a hunter and likes to savour the peace and quiet of the woods while contemplating his son’s future.

Flowers and Bottoms

film still Flowers and Bottoms
Experimental, Greece,
Christos Massalas

Arses and flowers. Always nice to look at. For the viewer and the viewer‘s viewers – a film inside a film.

Fantasia / Fantasy

film still Fantasia / Fantasy
Fiction, Finland,
Teemu Nikki

Potatoes, nothing but potatoes! A Finnish farmer‘s boy is fed up with it. Change, improvement, pizza.

Ce qui échappe / The Elusive

film still Ce qui échappe / The Elusive
Fiction, Belgium,
Ely Chevillot

A mother and her son deeply in love. Which is perfectly alright. Or is it?