Competition 5
Get it together!

Living together is hard. You never get what you’ve dreamt of. Still, the protagonists of these stories are always driven by their dignity and the search for their own identity. It’s not black and white as much as the grey areas of life that underlie these films. And sometimes living together also means: Getting it together.

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Volksbad Jena


film still Botanica
Fiction, The Netherlands,
Noël Loozen

Love in a garden centre: Worrying about his own fertility, an employee has to take unusual measures.

Clanker Man

film still Clanker Man
Fiction, Great Britain,
Ben Steiner

Reality doesn't happen by itself. Terry works hard to maintain the background details that we all take for granted. But then, austerity cutbacks threaten his everyday work.


film still SOG
Animation, Germany,
Jonatan Schwenk

Nobody wants to save the fish helplessly hanging from the trees. Only one among the furry inhabitants of nearby caves wants to help.



film still Protokolle
Documentary, Germany,
Jan Soldat

In “Protocols”, three men talk about their desire to be slaughtered and eaten. A film about unspoken urges.


The Committee

film still Kommittén
Fiction, Norway, Sweden, Finland,
Gunhild Enger & Jenni Toivoniemi

An art piece is supposed to be installed at the shared border of Sweden, Norway and Finland. However, the commissioned artist has other ideas.

La course navette

The Beep Test

film still La course navette
Fiction, Canada,
Maxime Aubert

Wojtek doesn’t have the easiest time in his new class. But then he finds a way to counter his bullies in his very own style.