Hosts Wanted!

Short films on the shortest day of the year: That's been the motto of the annual Short Film Day on 21 December for five years. In 2017, it'll be no different. It's only just September but cellu l'art is already preparing for that special day.

Why? Because we are planning something special. This year's theme for the Short Film Day in Germany is "Neighbours" which made us think that we don't want to screen short films just anywhere. Instead, we plan on bringing the people of Jena together in their own homes and the homes of strangers and friends. The specially curated programme will be presented in several homes at the same time and is conceptualized not just as a film programme but also as a social event.

You'll find more information and a registration form for hosts here. As a bonus, you'll receive free tickets for the award ceremony of the 19th cellu l'art Short Film Festival in April 2018. We're looking forward to meeting you!

HOSTS WANTED: Für den Kurzfilmtag am 21.12. sucht cellu l'art Wohnungen für Kurzfilmvorstellungen.