Unsere Fachjury 2018: Bryan M. Ferguson


We would like to introduce the third member of this year's industry jury to you: Scottish director Bryan M. Ferguson. Ferguson is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer from Glasgow, Scotland. His visual style solidified while living in Florida, a place he felt evoked an atmosphere of candy-coloured nihilism. Ferguson’s work has been described as paradoxically beautiful and disturbing – his surrealism earns him the reputation as a unique visionary with a distinct film style in the British short film landscape. His films have received critical acclaim at festivals and exhibitions in the US, Canada, UK, France, China, and many more. His film “Umbilical Glue” has been picked up by the BBC for exclusive broadcasting rights in the UK. During the festival week of the 19th Jena Short Film Festival we are showing a retrospective on his films from the past years.