Awards 2013

Best Shortfilm

Saloperie de pruneaux

film still Saloperie de pruneaux
Fiction Switzerland
direction: Rinaldo Marasco

Two brothers survive in a campervan on the outskirts of a deserted street. One of them is selfless, the other a highly gifted deaf-mute.

Thanks Rinaldo Marasco

Best ExAnDo

The Pub

film still The Pub
Animation Great Britain
direction: Joseph Pierce

Trapped for one day in the lee site of a pub in London.

Tolerance award


film still Terminal
Fiction Switzerland, Canada
direction: Samuel Flückiger

Georg and his daughter Rachel travel to Zurich, where she is planning physician-assisted suicide. As her last hours are elapsing, he sees his last chances fading to make her change her mind.

Thanks Samuel Flückiger

Youth jury award

School Shooting

film still School Shooting
Fiction USA
direction: Steffen Gruber

Jon is a math teacher at Gruger High School. His motto: “Every problem has a simple cause and only one solution” is put to the test when his student Jason opens fire at school. Will Jon be able to stop the shooter and prevent more victims? A musical of present context which ending shockingly demonstrates the culture of guns in the United States.

Audience award

Stufe Drei

film still Stufe Drei
Fiction Germany
direction: Nathan Nill

Maik wants to serve his community service in a living unit of handicapped people as quickly as possible. Soon, however, he is not so sure anymore who actually needs looking after: He himself, the disabled or maybe even the pedagogues?


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