Tickets will are available on the websites of our two main venues, the Kino im Schillerhof and the Kino am Markt. Corresponding links can also be found on the information pages of the respective individual programmes. It is also possible to buy the tickets at the box offices of the cinemas.

Tickets for events at TRAFO can be purchased at the box office before the event or online at Eventfrog .

The price for a Single Programme is 9,00 € normal or 8,00 € reduced.

A Double Feature Ticket for two consecutive single programmes at one venue can be purchased at the box office and costs 15,00 € normal or 14,00 € reduced.

A Festival Pass, which allows you to get a ticket for each programme at the box office, can be purchased at the box office or online at Eventfrog and costs 50,00 € normal or 45,00 € reduced.

The price for a Family Programme on Saturday is 5,00 €.

Program for adults only

We would like to point out that our entire program is suitable for adult audiences only, but not for children and young people.

The exception is the Estonian animation program for children on Saturday, 6 May, 12.00 noon at TRAFO: we can recommend this for children aged 4 and over.