Tickets / 2G


Tickets for all programs of the 22nd cellu l’art short film festival from October 19th to 24th 2021 can now be purchased online. The tickets can be found on the website of our two venues, the Kino im Schillerhof and the Kino am Markt

We recommend buying your tickets online in advance. The price for a block ticket is 8,80 € normal or 7,70 € reduced, including a 10% advance booking fee for online sales. At the box office, the tickets cost 8,00 € and 7,00 € respectively.

Detailed descriptions of the program including synopses for each short film shown can be found on our website, sorted by section Programme or chronologically according to festival days under Timetable

Hygiene measures / 2G

With the 22nd edition of the festival, we are returning to the cinema after a long time and after a one-and-a-half year break and an online edition, we are again hosting a face-to-face festival. Finally!

Under the current pandemic conditions, the 22nd cellu l’art short film festival remains an event under difficult conditions. We are following hygiene concepts of our festival partners, the Schillerhof cinema and the Kino am Markt. Both are introducing the 2G model, and all festival programs will be 2G events, meaning

  • access only for vaccinated and convalescent people
  • at full capacity

We ask you to take this into account when purchasing the tickets or when you visit. Please have a look at the hygiene concept of our cinemas for further details:

We can understand the dilemmas and the unease of our two partner cinemas in regard to the introduction of 2G. Their decision in favor of 2G (and against a continuation of the previous restriction to 30% room occupancy) is closely related to enabling the economic existence of cinema operations for the future. We are also more dependent on income this year than ever, so we can understand the decisions of our partner cinemas very well and stand fully behind them.

We also see the 2G regulation as a positive possibility to grant more viewers access to our programs by increasing the capacity of the cinemas. Furthermore, the regulation also increases the chance for spontaneous visitors to get tickets at the box office.

Program for adults only

We hereby point out – but this was already the case before the pandemic – that our complete program is only suitable for adult viewers, but not for children and adolescents.