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cellu l'art Winter Season 2017/18

It's finally autumn again! As much as we love summer, the real season of cinema starts now. And of course we have a lot of great movie screenings in store for you.

We will discuss, amongst other things, one of the most ancient and also prevailing topics of humanity : communication and its pitfalls.

Equally entertaining and, on top of that, boozy, is going to be the now fifth installment of our pub film tour “A Bar is a Screen”. This year in the shape of a colorful voyage through different countries.

Those who would rather stay in their warm and cozy homes in this rather unforgiving autumn and winter weather but still want to enjoy international short films should mark the 21st of December in their calendars. On the shortest day of the year, we are again part of the international short film day - and we'll deliver the films directly to your home. Condition : you need to be willing to share your own four walls with some short film - fans from your neighborhood, or take a short walk to your friendly film-loving neighbours.

And those of you who are interested in learning more about the members of cellu l’art, their work, and their favorite movies, we warmly invite to Café Wagner in January.