Awards 2021

Bester Film


film still Rio
Fiction Russia
direction: Zhenia Kazankina

Paulina, who works in a hotel, and her friend Nadia long for a more exciting world. Their dreams give way to reality when a guest comes to visit.


Nacht über Kepler 452b

Night upon Kepler 452b

film still Nacht ├╝ber Kepler 452b
Documentary Germany
direction: Ben Voit

In the cold time, people seek sleep on the street. A car races through the night to get out of the darkness what could get lost in it.

Beste k├╝nstlerische Gestaltung

Winter in the Rainforest

film still Winter in the Rainforest
Animation Estonia
direction: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

Tropical nature shows its many facets. Life, death and everyday tropical life are portrayed by magical porcelain creatures.

Preis der Jugendjury

Just a Guy

film still Just a Guy
Animation Germany
direction: Shoko Hara

3 women portray their affection and attraction to Richard Ramirez, a serial killer and rapist whom they contacted after his arrest.


La veuve Saverini

The Saverini Widow

film still La veuve Saverini
Fiction France
direction: Loïc Gaillard

A widow lives in isolation with her son Antoine and her dog. She previously worked as a midwife, but since her son was murdered, she wants revenge.