Festival Director / Chairman

Course of studies: Master of Literature / Art / Culture

I joined cellu l’art just one month after I had moved to Jena in April of 2015. I was watching a competition programme and became interested in becoming part of the team. After the award ceremony, I was welcomed with open arms and just a short while later, I got the opportunity to being in charge of the Finnish country focus programme at the 17th cellu l'art Short Film Festival.

A good short film ... doesn’t have to do anything - though it can.


Vice Chairman

Course of studies: Bachelor of Economics

I was a freshman, had just been in Jena for a short while and visited the "Markt der Möglichkeiten". Took a leaflet and planned on joining straightaway. Waited for a year though and joined then. Since then, I've been a happy member.

A good short film ... shouldn't get the short end of the stick.



Course of studies: Art History and Film Studies / Folklore Studies and Cultural History

October 2017. What, there is a short film festival in Jena? Forgot about it but remembered at Markt der Möglichkeiten. Registered for it, got mail, went there- and BAM! So i wait for what might come. Seems to be a good time.

A good short film ... should flirt with me. It has to be aesthetic, funny, disturbing and delightful. It's that easy.



Occupation: (Radio) Journalist

Why am I at cellu l'art? It's actually a funny story: I was sitting in a seminar (as a completely clueless freshman) when my lecturer asked me if I wanted to organise a short film festival ... And in all seriousness: Once you've started, it's like a drug!

A good short film ... has to have IT and definitely belongs (back) into movie theatres.


Founding member

Occupation: Media scientist

We made something out of nothing and all of our commitment makes big cinema out of that something. We make cinema and that’s a lot of emotion for all of us.

A good short film ... means the artful skill to create ten minutes of enthralling entertainment full of depth, wit and charm.



Course of studies: Bachelor of Psychology

It's rare that people are so welcoming the way they are at cellu l’art. After just a short time, I was already organizing my first film evening and was able to experience my first festival edition. Now that I’m on the board I have some more responsibilities and I'm excited to see what such a great team is able to achieve. Awesome!

A good short film ... has to do something a feature-length film has hours to do within just a few minutes: to tell a moving story!



Course of studies: Bachelor of Sociology

Two days in Jena. „Markt der Möglichkeiten“. Sounded interesting. Went there then. Am member now.

A good short film ... has to do so much stuff that I can’t name it all in such a short time that I can watch it anytime without a problem.



Course of studies: Bachelor of Media Studies

Film festivals are a rollercoaster of emotions. Never before have I seen so many amazing films and met the people behind them! What I appreciate the most is the atmosphere that everyone creates together - the guests, the filmmakers and the team.

A good short film ... has to grab my attention, make me think and then never let me go again.



Course of studies: Master of Business Administration

It was a grey, rainy day in November 2015 but the wonderful, exhilarating and exciting "A Bar is a Screen" programme that cellu l'art had organized, cheered me up and awoke my interest in the association.

A good short film ... has to be so powerful that it does not even leave your mind once you've watched a lot of shorts one after the other.


Programming / Country Focus

Occupation: Literary scholar

Short films create a wonderous fascination that makes you want to watch the next one immediately: Maybe it's gonna be your new favorite film and if it's not ... maybe the next one will be? It's quite similar to working at cellu l'art: Once you've started, you don't ever wanna stop.

A good short film ... has to leave me in awe, so much so that I wanna show it to others to observe their reactions!



course of studies: Bachelor of Sociology / Slavistics

I joined cellu l'art because felix approached me very charming. I knew that i wanted to become involved after my first meeting with them. The professionality and the good atmosphere were basis for my decision.

A good short film … should be aesthetic or shine because of a good clear structure.


Organisation / Country Focus

Course of studies: Master of Literature / Art / Culture

A friend and colleague of mine had a good sense of my interests and persuaded me to go to a weekly session of the association. I think it’s a fantastic thing to be able to create something so great, valuable and exciting with such a diverse group. If you’ve done it once, you’re in for good!

A good short film ... has to be like a rollercoaster ride: You’re lifting up slowly and during the descent you’re experiencing a mixture of all kinds of different emotions at the same time, and when it’s all over – you wanna do it all over again.


Organisation / Programming

Course of studies: Master of Art History and Film Studies

I joined the festival team during my second week in Jena. I immediately became part of the work group preparing the Turkish country focus and was elected as the vice chairwoman the following year. One year later, I took over the position as chairwoman. What can I say - cellu l'art is all about the magic of the moment, about amazing films and a wonderful team of film buffs!

A good short film ... doesn't have to do anything but CAN do everything! It doesn't always take two and a half hours to tell a life story, sometimes five minutes is just enough.



Course of studies: Bachelor of Sociology / IBC

A good friend of mine got on my nerves for quite some time, so i decided to take a look. I immediately liked the people and the festival.

A good short film … should just make my head spin. It's sometimes quite good as well when people die.