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Occupation: (Radio) Journalist

Why am I at cellu l'art? It's actually a funny story: I was sitting in a seminar (as a completely clueless freshman) when my lecturer asked the class if anybody wanted to organise a short film festival ... And in all seriousness: Once you've started, it's like a drug!

A good short film ... has to have IT and definitely belongs (back) into movie theatres. We're working on it. ;)


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Occupation: natural scientist

When I came to work at the University of Jena, I rather quickly got acquainted with some marvelous people from the cellu l´art team. In 2018, I finally got involved, watched a good hundred of short films for the 20th edition of the festival and fell in love with so many of them that I cannot stop now.

A good short film... should evoke emotions and make me ponder on it at the same time.



Course of studies: Art History and Film Studies / Folklore Studies and Cultural History

October 2017. What, there is a short film festival in Jena? Forgot about it but remembered at Markt der Möglichkeiten. Registered for it, got mail, went there- and BAM! So i wait for what might come. Seems to be a good time.

A good short film ... should flirt with me. It has to be aesthetic, funny, disturbing and delightful. It's that easy.


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Occupation: Media scientist

We made something out of nothing and all of our commitment makes big cinema out of that something. We make cinema and that’s a lot of emotion for all of us.

A good short film ... means the artful skill to create ten minutes of enthralling entertainment full of depth, wit and charm.



Course of studies: Master of Literature / Art / Culture

I joined cellu l’art just one month after I had moved to Jena in April of 2015. I was watching a competition programme and became interested in becoming part of the team. After the award ceremony, I was welcomed with open arms and just a short while later, I got the opportunity to being in charge of the Finnish country focus programme at the 17th cellu l'art Short Film Festival.

A good short film ... doesn’t have to do anything - though it can.


Technik / Organisation

Studium: Master Soziologie

Meine erste cellu l´art Veranstaltung die ich besucht habe war die Kneipentour 2017. Diese hat mir sehr gefallen. Darauf folgten dann noch weitere Filmabende. In der Festivalwoche 2018 dachte ich mir dann: wenn ich schon hier bin, kann ich mich auch beteiligen. Seitdem bin ich Mitglied im cellu l´art Team.

Ein guter Kurzfilm muss… kurz und knackig so viel Entertainment und Spannung bieten, als wäre es ein Spielfilm.



Course of study: Medicine

I'm not much of a sleeper at night. So to do something meaningful instead of tossing and turning around in bed, I voluntarily helped the cellu l'art as an outsider watching the submitted short films for the upcoming festival. For me as a passionate gawker, it was great to skip Netflix for a while and watch some ambitious short films. So, what can I say. I was hooked on short films right from the beginning and joined the cellu l'art a few months before the festival. Since then, I've been a member of this great team. And this year I have the honor to organize the annual country focus.

A good short film...should keep me from sleeping because it's so freaking good.



Course of studies: Bachelor of Psychology

It's rare that people are so welcoming the way they are at cellu l’art. After just a short time, I was already organizing my first film evening and was able to experience my first festival edition. Now that I’m on the board I have some more responsibilities and I'm excited to see what such a great team is able to achieve. Awesome!

A good short film ... has to do something a feature-length film has hours to do within just a few minutes: to tell a moving story!



Occupation: not fixed yet

In the past, I often went somewhere where I liked it, without realizing the possibility that I could actively participate in shaping things myself, instead of just being there. It was the same with cellu l'art. After I understood that, I went to an ordinary meeting and the festival visits in a passive-eremitic attitude fortunately came to an end.

A good short film … has to do everything a feature-length film has to do - only in much shorter time. A real challenge. And then there's always at least one person who takes the film you're enthusiastic about apart. So it's all a pretty subjective matter.



Course of Studies: Medicine

The slightly crazy chairman of the association convinced me to join the team when we talked in bus 10 -- in just two minutes.

A good short film ... has to enthusiastically transform a genius or silly idea into a short masterpiece.


Programming / Guest Support

Course of Studies: Psychology

I was scared, I got dizzy, I laughed out loud, I cried and I smiled. The cellu l'art short film festival offered me through its films a huge palette of emotions. After three years as part of the audience I decided to take a step forward and become a member of the cellu l'art team. Excited I took responsibility and couldn't be any happier now.

A good short film makes me feel hundreds of emotions and gives me new perspectives. Overall it makes me develop as a human.


technics/trailer/ programming

Occupation: administration secretary

I joined cellu l'art because of my love for films, later paired with interest for the organisation around ist. The heart of the association is first and foremost the team behind it.

A good short film ... should capture the magic of the moment ;)


Programming / Country Focus

Course of studies: Bachelor of Sociology

Two days in Jena. „Markt der Möglichkeiten“. Sounded interesting. Went there then. Am member now.

A good short film ... has to do so much stuff that I can’t name it all in such a short time that I can watch it anytime without a problem.



Course of studies: Art history and Film studies / Folklore studies and Cultural history

It was a mild evening in summer, I went to see some shocking horror shorts in a local bar. All of the sudden, things turned bad. There was panic, I heard people screaming, blood splashed around and people died. Luckily, I survived and joined the cellu l’art, a small group of survivors. I was welcomed with open arms, received trust and took responsibility for important tasks. Since then, I’ve been a happy member of this beautiful family.

A good short film…only takes a few minutes to impress me for a lifetime.



Occupation: Literary scholar

Short films create a wonderous fascination that makes you want to watch the next one immediately: Maybe it's gonna be your new favorite film and if it's not ... maybe the next one will be? It's quite similar to working at cellu l'art: Once you've started, you don't ever wanna stop.

A good short film ... has to leave me in awe, so much so that I wanna show it to others to observe their reactions!


Festival Director

Course of study: Master History of Arts and Film Studies

I got interested in the cellu l'art after I went to the "Markt der Möglichkeiten"(a market of different associations and initiatives at the beginning of each semester) in October 2017. Basically I felt like doing something with film and meeting new cellu l'art sounded perfect. Since then, I've been a happy member and still having fun. This year, I'm looking forward to organizing our annual country focus.

A good short film...needs a good story.


Occupation: casting agent

The year was 2008, some of my friends were members of the cellu l’art. The told me about the festival and invited me to an event in the “capitol”. The theme was “magic of the moment” An then it struck me! I was fascinated by the athmosphere, the films and the great Team. I wanted to be a part of that, so I became a member just in time for the festivals 10th anniversary. Even if I don’t have that much time now, I simply can’t stop to be a part of the festival.

A good short film… has to draw my attention and should tell a two hour story in ten minutes. That’s the “magic of the moment”.



Course of studies: Master of Literature / Art / Culture

A friend and colleague of mine had a good sense of my interests and persuaded me to go to a weekly session of the association. I think it’s a fantastic thing to be able to create something so great, valuable and exciting with such a diverse group. If you’ve done it once, you’re in for good!

A good short film ... has to be like a rollercoaster ride: You’re lifting up slowly and during the descent you’re experiencing a mixture of all kinds of different emotions at the same time, and when it’s all over – you wanna do it all over again.


Organisation / Programming

Course of studies: Master of Art History and Film Studies

I joined the festival team during my second week in Jena. I immediately became part of the work group preparing the Turkish country focus and was elected as the vice chairwoman the following year. One year later, I took over the position as chairwoman. What can I say - cellu l'art is all about the magic of the moment, about amazing films and a wonderful team of film buffs!

A good short film ... doesn't have to do anything but CAN do everything! It doesn't always take two and a half hours to tell a life story, sometimes five minutes is just enough.