Board member

Occupation: (Radio) Journalist

Why am I at cellu l'art? It's actually a funny story: I was sitting in a seminar (as a completely clueless freshman) when my lecturer asked the class if anybody wanted to organise a short film festival ... And in all seriousness: Once you've started, it's like a drug!

A good short film ... has to have IT and definitely belongs (back) into movie theatres. We're working on it. ;)


Programming / Guest Support

Course of Studies: Psychology

I was scared, I got dizzy, I laughed out loud, I cried and I smiled. The cellu l'art short film festival offered me through its films a huge palette of emotions. After three years as part of the audience I decided to take a step forward and become a member of the cellu l'art team. Excited I took responsibility and couldn't be any happier now.

A good short film makes me feel hundreds of emotions and gives me new perspectives. Overall it makes me develop as a human.


Presse / Programmatik

Occupation: data scientist

When I came to work at the University of Jena, I rather quickly got acquainted with some marvelous people from the cellu l´art team. In 2018, I finally got involved, watched a good hundred of short films for the 20th edition of the festival and fell in love with so many of them that I cannot stop now.

A good short film... should evoke emotions and make me ponder on it at the same time.


Founding member

Occupation: Media scientist

We made something out of nothing and all of our commitment makes big cinema out of that something. We make cinema and that’s a lot of emotion for all of us.

A good short film ... means the artful skill to create ten minutes of enthralling entertainment full of depth, wit and charm.


Course of study: Master Art History and Film

Cellu l'art was presented in one of my first lectures at FSU. I was immediately curious and wanted to take part. Since then I've been dealing with nice people and interesting short films.

A good short film... is one that uses the tension between limited time and unlimited creativity to show a new perspective.


Technik / Organisation

Course of study: Master of Sociology

My first cellu l'art event that I attended was the pub crawl in 2017. I really liked it. More movie nights followed. During the 2018 festival week, I thought to myself: if I'm already here, I can also take part. Since then I've been a member of the cellu l'art team.

A good short film... offers as much entertainment and suspense as if it were a feature film.



Course of study: Medicine

I'm not much of a sleeper at night. So to do something meaningful instead of tossing and turning around in bed, I voluntarily helped the cellu l'art as an outsider watching the submitted short films for the upcoming festival. For me as a passionate gawker, it was great to skip Netflix for a while and watch some ambitious short films. So, what can I say. I was hooked on short films right from the beginning and joined the cellu l'art a few months before the festival. Since then, I've been a member of this great team. And this year I have the honor to organize the annual country focus.

A good short film...should keep me from sleeping because it's so freaking good.


trailer, projection, programming

Occupation: administration

I joined cellu l'art because of my love for films, later paired with interest for the organisation around ist. The heart of the association is first and foremost the team behind it.

A good short film ... should capture the magic of the moment ;)


Occupation: casting agent

The year was 2008, some of my friends were members of the cellu l’art. The told me about the festival and invited me to an event in the “capitol”. The theme was “magic of the moment” An then it struck me! I was fascinated by the athmosphere, the films and the great Team. I wanted to be a part of that, so I became a member just in time for the festivals 10th anniversary. Even if I don’t have that much time now, I simply can’t stop to be a part of the festival.

A good short film… has to draw my attention and should tell a two hour story in ten minutes. That’s the “magic of the moment”.


Organisation / Programming

Course of studies: Master of Art History and Film Studies

I joined the festival team during my second week in Jena. I immediately became part of the work group preparing the Turkish country focus and was elected as the vice chairwoman the following year. One year later, I took over the position as chairwoman. What can I say - cellu l'art is all about the magic of the moment, about amazing films and a wonderful team of film buffs!

A good short film ... doesn't have to do anything but CAN do everything! It doesn't always take two and a half hours to tell a life story, sometimes five minutes is just enough.


Program / Press

Occupation: Software Quality Manager

As a "simple", film-addicted regular viewer at the festivals and especially the film evenings, I have been there for many years when the cellu l'art showed short films. Via the "gateway drug" of external viewing (and participation in a few after hours), I gradually became a "shadow member" until in December 2019, at the box office of a film evening, I decided against the admission price and instead to get help immediately - the right step till today, because film events that you help to shape yourself are all the more beautiful.

A good short film is a completely independent and idiosyncratic and sensual piece of film art.