Awards 2016

Best Fiction


film still tenderness
Fiction Poland
direction: Emilia Zielonka

Liebe zueinander: Ein Pärchen nimmt ein Zimmer in einem Hotel. „Kennt man alles schon“, möchte man denken.

Best ExAnDo

we can't live without cosmos

film still we can't live without cosmos
Animation Russia
direction: Konstantin Bronzit

A weightless friendship between dream and reality.

Audience Award


film still Discipline
Fiction Switzerland
direction: Christophe M. Saber

Unsuspectedly, this film shows the power of candy that isn’t allowed to be bought. The depths and absurdities of human rage surface.

Jena Film Award for Tolerance

my enemy, my brother

film still my enemy, my brother
Documentary Canada
direction: Ann Shin

The first Gulf War claimed victims on each side. There is no place for mercy. Or is it? Sometimes the line between enemy and brother fades faster than we think.

Award of the Youth Jury


film still Leona
Fiction Mexico
direction: Davek Carrizosa

Single mother, on the edge of life, but young and beautiful. Leona tries to find a way to lead her children to a better future – even if she has to sacrifice a lot.

Teen Shorts Award

9 Meter

film still 9 Meter
Fiction Denmark
direction: Anders Walter

Teenager Daniel is a young athlete with a talent in long jump. Believing he might be able to save his comatose mother by breaking his own records, he won't stop jumping until she wakes up.


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