Competition 3 … and now some terror

»I’m singing, just singing, in the rain. Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well!« Alex (A Clockwork Orange)
Villa am Paradies

Die digitale Referatspräsentation

film still Die digitale Referatspräsentation
Animation Germany
direction: Marc John

The name says it all.


film still Efimera
Fiction Spain
direction: Diego Modino

Alicia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. In the cosy windmill that she lives in with her grandmother she is waiting for the moment she has been waiting for – the dance audition. However, the world behind the walls of her home is not as idyllic as she thinks it is.


film still Kaffefahrt
Fiction Germany
direction: Ben Kaufmann

This movie is about the cinematic meaning of the word „Kaffeefahrt“ and in that context completely loses its initial meaning. It is important that this movie is reflecting all the time that it demonstrates a cinematic world and at no point the audience has a chance of losing themselves.

Zucht und Ordnung

film still Zucht und Ordnung
Documentary Germany
direction: Jan Soldat

Proper German upbringing. Manfred and Jürgen, both about 70 years old, live and learn. A short documentary about the naturalness of the body and sexuality with old age.

Aquel no era yo

film still Aquel no era yo
Fiction Spain
direction: Esteban Crespo

“It’s not hard being a soldier: you either get used to it or they will kill you. The hardest part is to live with the memories and to be yourself after you’ve done what you’ve done.”


film still Reverie
Animation Germany
direction: Valentin Gagarin, Shujun Wong, Robert Wincierz

An inconspicuous townie is pulled out of this usual routine on his way to work when he witnessed a suicide. At first the incident only follows him in his fantasy but then it rapidly mixes with his own reality into an abrupt social downfall in a cascade of surreal nightmares.


film still Herrmann
Fiction Germany
direction: Gerd Reda

Hermann is a left-winged above 30-year-old-man who didn’t fully retreat into his private life after his „roaring” Twenties. On his way to his weekly plenum he gets robbed and abducted…

School Shooting

film still School Shooting
Fiction USA
direction: Steffen Gruber

Jon is a math teacher at Gruger High School. His motto: “Every problem has a simple cause and only one solution” is put to the test when his student Jason opens fire at school. Will Jon be able to stop the shooter and prevent more victims? A musical of present context which ending shockingly demonstrates the culture of guns in the United States.