Competition 1 Hard and Hairy

It's all about men. Men fight, men love, men raise kids. “Hard and Hairy” is a hommage to men in all their diversity.


film still Sunny
Fiction Germany
direction: Barbara Ott

A life around highway pull-ins and industrial areas, having a baby in the early years – hard circumstances for Sunny and his parents.

Simply clever

film still Simply clever
Fiction Germany
direction: Franz Müller & Johannes Kürschner

Günther only accepts the good old GDR skies. Robust, he says. Until he falls flat on his face.


film still Colours
Fiction Scotland
direction: Graham Chapman

In a Scottish prison young inmates play for green, blue, red, yellow shampoo bottles – a pale situation.

Kurt and his Magical Sword

film still Kurt and his Magical Sword
Animation Germany
direction: Franziska Brandt

The adventurer Kurt frees a virgin from the claws of the T-Rex king.

Haikeren – The Passenger

film still Haikeren – The Passenger
Fiction Norway
direction: Anders Teig

Torgeir is a simple and a lonely soul. To release himself from the loneliness, he picks up a blind hitchhiker.

Der 90. Geburtstag

film still Der 90. Geburtstag
Animation Germany
direction: Thomas Scherer

Smartphones kill. Gaming causes a slow and painful death.

Beard and Breakfast

film still Beard and Breakfast
Experimental Germany
direction: Richard Siedhoff

„Old bread is not hard, having no beard is hard.”

The Mass of Men

film still The Mass of Men
Fiction England
direction: Gabriel Gauchet

Striking at the social security office in the applicants loveliest dreams…