Competition 2 Love Actually?

What is this feeling, which takes us up and down, let us be hopefull, let us be afraid, let us be passionate, let us even be violent sometimes, but never really realistic? Well might it be “love actually”?

Wedding Cake

film still Wedding Cake
Animation Germany
direction: Viola Baier

Two marzipan figures come to life on top of a wedding cake and start to sculpt the perfect marriage out of cake icing. But discontent soon sours the atmosphere.

Sexo Explicito // Explicit Sex

film still Sexo Explicito // Explicit Sex
Fiction Spain
direction: Jose Manuel Carrasco

But is there anything in particular that you don’t like?


film still Shower
Fiction Norway
direction: Christian Norvalls

A man enters a shower after his workout, but is soon sidetracked by what he hears…

Goutte D’Or // A Drop Of Gold

film still Goutte D’Or // A Drop Of Gold
Animation Denmark
direction: Christophe Peladan

Pirates don’t get seasick. But they do get lovesick.

Orbit Ever After

film still Orbit Ever After
Fiction England
direction: Jamie Stone

A young junk fisherman in Earth’s orbit falls hopelessly in love with a girl. Unfortunately, she’s orbiting in the other direction.

The Correspondents – Fear & Delight

film still The Correspondents – Fear & Delight
Music Video England
direction: Naren Wilks

“In any case my friends it’s too late, like a moth to light like a beast to bate and I know the black widow eats its mate; it’s wrong but I want you tonight.”

Bishtar Az Do Saat // More Than Two Hours

film still Bishtar Az Do Saat // More Than Two Hours
Fiction Iran
direction: Ali Asgari

It’s 3 AM. A boy and a girl wander he city in search of medical help. Finding it is much harder than they thought.

Duku Spacemarines

film still Duku Spacemarines
Animation France
direction: La Mécanique du Plastique; Nicolas Liautaud, Alice Suret-Canale, Hugo Paquin & Nicolas Dubois

This ist the story of a brainstorming and of a Chinese man hacking the American capitalist system.


Fiction Netherlands
direction: Ben Brand

When you try to find love with a phone app, the search quickly turns into a hunt!