Competition 4 Dreamy Death

Let us take you to a land of dreams. Dreams of hope, dreams of rush, dreams full of beautiful landscapes and dreams of death.

Mauvaise Tête // Heady Stuff

film still Mauvaise Tête // Heady Stuff
Fiction France
direction: Camille Vidal Naquet

When Paul finds out the doctors believe his mother’s brain tumor is incurable, he decides to try and save her by himself. His stubbornness will lead him into troubling situations…

My Recurring Dream – Cold Mailman

film still My Recurring Dream – Cold Mailman
Music Video Norway
direction: André Chocron

My Recurring Dream is a seamless journey through nine different dream landscapes.

Kathedralen // Cathedrals

film still Kathedralen // Cathedrals
Documentary Germany
direction: Konrad Kästner

A ghost town of immense size: Ordos, built for millions is almost completely empty, making it less of a city, as more a symbol of the failings of the modern economy.

Farbenspiel // Colour Play

film still Farbenspiel // Colour Play
Animation Germany
direction: Jenny Diehl

Cut off from the outside world lives a little man in a small room – an existence marked by loneliness, darkness and hopelessness. Until a stranger lost in his dungeon. And soon the little man is a very difficult decision…

She comes in Spring

film still She comes in Spring
Fiction USA, Kosovo
direction: Antoneta Kastrati

A mysterious young woman visits a middle-aged father in a Serbian village, compelling him to uncover a dark secret buried in his wartime past.


film still Seconds
Fiction Canada
direction: Jordan Canning

The life of a man pulling vorrüber to his eyes as he threatens to choke on a piece of meat.

Eine Prise Oskar // A Pinch of Oscar

film still Eine Prise Oskar // A Pinch of Oscar
Fiction Germany
direction: Martina Plura

David works at the pet cemetery where Ellies dog Oscar is buried. Since Ellie is going to move away and doesn’t want to leave Oscar behind, David suggests stealing his urn. Their mission gets out of control.