Competition 1 Brave New World?

The future awaits us! We’re diving into the social media network and discover what will await us tomorrow. New technologies promise to make our lives easier – but also create unexpected problems.
Volksbad Jena


film still Instalife
Experimental Germany
direction: Benjamin Rost & Alex Schuster

Hashtag your life! Thanks to new social media, we are getting a deep insight into what people are up to.

As You Like It

film still As You Like It
Documentary Romania
direction: Paula Onet

Already start thinking about tomorrow today! Retirees take precautions and design their own gravestones.

Moritz Winnebrock – ein moderner Waffenproduzent

film still Moritz Winnebrock – ein moderner Waffenproduzent
Fiction Germany
direction: Lilo Viehweg

Moritz Winnebrock, weapon producer of the new generation, has a vision: Freedom, security and a fulfilled future thanks to his “Devices”.

Better Than Tomorrow

film still Better Than Tomorrow
Fiction United Kingdom
direction: EuiJeong Hong

The medical progress makes it possible: Norman and Catherine freeze themselves in hope to live a better life in the future. After thawing, there is rude awakening.

A Cupboard’s Life

film still A Cupboard’s Life
Animation Switzerland
direction: Naomi Homenu

Life and suffering of a cupboard, which has its own perspective on the circumstances.


film still Reality+
Fiction France
direction: Coralie Fargeat

The Reality+Chip is implanted into Vincent and he programmes his dream body. With his newly attained self-confidence, he embarks on a quest for love.