Competition 5 Changing your mind

In the dreariness of everyday life the protagonists catch themselves to be stuck in fixed systems and behaviours. We get an insight into unimaginable realities that give thought-provoking impulses and new perspectives on things. We only have to learn to think outside the box – to change our perspectives….
Volksbad Jena

Brutal Order

film still Brutal Order
Experimental Germany
direction: Christian Fuß

The forest as a battleground. Mechanical butchers attack their victims mercilessly and shred everything within seconds that once flourished peacefully for decades.

Dom’z Sütü

film still Dom’z Sütü
Fiction Germany
direction: Neco Celik

Three Turks try to adapt to life in a Swabian province. They soon realize that lactose is not the only thing that can cause intolerance.

Take Me to the front

film still Take Me to the front
Fiction United Kingdom
direction: Stefano Pietrocola

The trip to the front is like a one-way-street. Some lose their lives – others their limbs – and some their souls.

Oh Wal

film still Oh Wal
Animation Switzerland
direction: Joana Locher

On her forage a cat discovers a whale who is meditating – including a dancing ceremony of fish. A perfect opportunity to crash the party!

The Bravest, the Boldest

film still The Bravest, the Boldest
Fiction USA
direction: Moon Molson

Two officers of the US Army want to deliver a message to a mother. Before the men have a chance to speak, she fearfully takes flight.

Behind Being

film still Behind Being
Documentary USA, Indonesia
direction: Quincy Davis

A journey through Indonesian art and culture that draws its origins from the power of community. Only alliances make new perspectives and life goals achievable.

Ausstieg rechts

film still Ausstieg rechts
Fiction Austria
direction: Rupert Höller & Bernhard Wenger

Only one man takes a stand when another is attacked because of racism. A bus ride becomes a political ordeal. Look away or intervene?