Festival Center

Prepare yourselves for something new at this year’s cellu l’art Short Film Festival – something big – something unspeakably comfy! For the first time ever, we will provide a cellu l’art Festival Lounge, a festival hub for all accredited visitors and guests. If you’re in need for a little heart-to-heart with filmmakers and the cellu l’art team in order to feel snug at the festival, our lounge is the right place for you!

At the lounge, you will be able to buy tickets, have a few drinks, and take in the cinetastic ambience. What’s more, you can also experience all kinds of events here! Take the unique chance to rewire your grey matter with enlightening talks and creative DIY film projects!

Our opening celebration »Salam« introduces you to this year’s country focus, Iran. Relax and converse with each other as you enjoy Iranian cuisine. Take a moment to talk to this year’s country focus curator, Anoush, who studied Film in Teheran and is now enrolled in Jena’s Art History and Film Theory master program.

Moving on, we present an expert excursion into the world of music videos. Finnish filmmaker and curator Otto Kylmälä reflects on contemporary problems in pop culture’s zeitgeist. This Zeitgeist screening will look at the spirit of the times, the mental atmosphere, both the good and the bad. We’ll see how social media and the internet age has influenced how we see, experience and make music videos, but we also have a screening full of inventive and touching videos, which are not afraid to act as a mirror to society.

In another stellar programme, French filmmaker Thibault Joyeux offers his expertise to you in a workshop in which you create your very own short film. This workshop will teach you hands-on how to built a set, how to arrange character models, how lighting works, how to set up technology, and how to work with animation software in order to get your pictures moving. You are cordially invited to meet his pal, the robot ED, and to have a look at or join in on making films. Be a part of cellu l’art!

cellu l’art festival lounge opens 5 pm throughout the week. All lounge events are free of charge.

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