Next to our classics Shocking Shorts, B-Sides and Teen Shorts, we are also participating in the 500-year anniversary of the reformation with a film programme about religion. 500 years ago, when the idea of Luther was distributed by the hands of book printers, cinema wasn’t even invented. With the anniversary, the time has come to present the relationship between people and religion from the focus of the camera. All those looking for answers about religion will find them aplenty in short films. This program will function as a conversation between them.

In our sports programme "Power and Passion", stories about adventures and passion are told. These films tell the stories of people who exceed limits. Not because they beat sportive records and go further, higher, and faster. But because they break taboos, overcome gravity, connect tradition and modernity, and outgrow themselves. These films tell about adventures in nature, the passion for sport, and the joy of life.

In the mockumentary special takes an alternative approach to reality. Although documentaries depict actual events, they are often more riveting than fictional films. Reality turns out to be more exciting than fiction. However, mockumentaries (»mock dockumentaries«) do not care for mundane distinctions such as poetry and truth. They demonstrate a part of our world… that does not even exist. As it turns out, fiction is more exciting than reality.

In "Off You Go", we're gonna take a look at our surroundings by showing films from Saxonia, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Why long for the distance when there is so much close at hand? The beauty of the short film scene in Central Germany is fascinating. The variety of films goes a long way from Thuringia, Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt, connected to one program. Those who aren't confident with the Central German accent will find English subtitles attached to make everybody feel welcome.

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