Festival Blog

Have a short look how the Festival looks like

We thank Lars Möckel, Bogdan Hinrichs, Brian Bixby and Robert Gruhne for the photos

Turning points

GDR special

We celebrate the 30th anniversary of the German Reunification with a special programme "Turning Points" with short films from late GDR. We were very happy to see quite a few people there, and of course, welcome the filmmakers - Gabriele Stötzer und Thomas Grund.

Our guests


We are very happy to welcome the filmmakers at our festival. We do believe that this is a mutual benefit - we get to know cool creative people, and they have a nice opportunity to present their films - maybe tell us a few funny stories, explain the deep meanings that the audience might have missed, and create collaboration with each other.

Kinky Shorts

Dirty films that make sense

Another huge success was our guest programme. Emilia Mazik, the director of the Short Waves short film festival in Poland, brought us a controversial programme with, well, kind of dirty and open-minded films about sexuality. We prepared an interview with her about the boundaries in films and artistic porn, we will publish it soon. And now a few photos.

Shocking Shorts

Our classic

Our quite famous Shocking Shorts have always had a huge success. This year as well, though we shifted a focus a bit from horror films to thrillers and strongly emotional films. The audience took it well, we hope.

Female Voices

in Kino am Markt

On Thursday, the 25th of April, in Kino am Markt the cellu l'art showed for the first time the thematic programme "Female Voices" with films about women, freedom and (in)equality. Don't miss the interview with one of our Jury, Britt Raes, about feminism, animation and cats. And here are a few photos from the Kino am Markt.


with Douwe Dijkstra

Look, we have a real short film studio in our Lounge! Our filmmaker in focus, Douwe Dijkstra, makes workshop on his famous green screen filming. Well, what he actually does is that he gives funny tasks to our guests and volunteers and films them in front of the green screen. Seems like fun! And the resulting short film will be screened at the Award Ceremony on Saturday. Probably, we see the birth of the next year cellu l'art winner? And there is still a chance to be a part of it! Come on Friday, 6 pm, to our Lounge! It is free of charge, but charged with fun!


Some photos from the first day of the main programme

Have a short look how it was

Country Focus opening

with Douwe Dijkstra, Dutch snacks and short films

On the 24th April in the Volksbad Lounge our special guest, Douwe Dijkstra, the filmmaker from the Netherlands, together with our volunteers and curators conducted an informal formal opening of the Country Focus programme of this year. We talked about the Netherlands, the Dutch culture and, of course, short films. Twenty of them that we liked most this year have made it to the three Country Focus programmes.