Jutta Wille

Jutta Wille studied History and Physics at the Academy of Pedagogy in Dresden and Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Since 1997, she has been working for various film productions and since 2003 she works as a project coordinator for the German Short Film Association. She is a representative of the AG Kurzfilm at the German Cultural Council and at the Cultural Network Dresden. Currently, she is a member of the consulting council for film of the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. Since August 2013, Jutta has been one of the managing directors of the German Short Film Association.

Britt Raes

Britt loves to draw and tell stories. She lives in Belgium and working in animation makes her happy every day. In 2016 she finished her first professional short film "Catherine", that screened worldwide at 200 festivals and won 50 prizes. Currently, she's developing a new short film for children, is writing a tv-special and has ideas for an animated series about pets. She also works as a freelance director and illustrator. Her favourite things are chocolate, indie music, Totoro and riding her bike. If she is reincarnated, she hopes to come back as a cat named Fluffy.

Enrico Vannucci

Enrico Vannucci was born in 1981 in Sassuolo, Italy. Since his early childhood, Enrico has been passionate about films. In 2007, he graduated in screenwriting and was awarded for his master’s thesis in Film Studies by the University of Bologna. He has been a member of film festival programming teams since 2010 and currently works as a short film advisor for the Venice Film Festival. He also works as a short film programmer at the Torino Short Film Market and is a freelance programmer and curator. In August 2018, together with Carla Vulpiani, he co-founded Varicoloured, a holistic film agency.

Youth Jury

Janne Hansberg

Hi, my name is Janne and I’m 16 years old. I am a student at the Jenaplan School in Jena. For the past two years, I have increasingly practised my skills in videography and photography. Some of my projects include several music video clips, advertising films, and wedding videos. My passion, however, are short films. So far, I have been able to gain various experiences through different projects. Some of these projects have also been awarded. As a member of the jury, I am looking forward to using my skills and expertise at this year’s festival. I am especially excited about innovative stories and ideas as well as the films’ diversity.

Leon Liehr

Hi there, my name is Leon Liehr. I am 17 years old and am currently taking my A-levels at the Jenaplan School in Jena. About two years ago, I started to grapple with photography and videography. I first started with photography and I am an enthusiastic filmmaker now. I have been able to gain different experiences in several projects, some of them including music video clips and documentaries. As a member of our jury, I will try to use these experiences when it comes to judging this year’s contributions. I am looking forward to the festival, getting in touch with other filmmakers, exciting images, enthralling stories, and great films.

Kilian Zillessen

I’m Kilian, I’m 15 years old and I attend the 9th grade at Jenaplan School in Jena. The subject “represent and design” gives me the opportunity to put myself into the shoes of different characters and parts, and learn to emphasize with emotions and moods. Alongside my passion for acting, I played parts in various short films and music videos. When it comes to films, I’m particularly interested in the effects that sound and music have on the audience. I’m looking forward to this year’s short films and excited about what expects us.