Elisa Agbaglah

For the native of the Palatinate, the passions of dance and singing were at the center of attention from an early age on. Elisa Agbaglah attended drama school in Zurich, where she graduated in 2011. From 2014 to 2019 an engagement in the acting ensemble of the Salzburger Landestheater followed. In 2016 she played the lead role of "Azime" in the world premiere of Anthony McCartens "Funny Girl". In 2018, the main role of "Jess Bhamra" followed in the German premiere of the musical "Kick it like Beckham", to name just a few. Since 2019 she can be seen as "Dr. Emma Jahn" in the ARD series "In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte".

Alina Cyranek

Alina Cyranek completed her double master's degree in media art at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Tongji University Shanghai with a focus on documentary and experimental film. Her work is shown at film festivals around the world and has received multiple awards. In her work she uses different media, formats and design elements. Among other things, Alina is a board member at the Filmverband Sachsen and a jury member at the Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung (FBW). In addition to filmmaking, she curates film programs, leads film workshops and works on juries at various festivals.

Corinna Schulze

Corinna Schulze, born in Erfurt, first studied media studies and languages in Leipzig, Salamanca and Santiago de Chile, before turning a long hobby into a profession and starting as an event manager at the Scheibenholz racecourse. In addition to hosting sporting events, from 2016 she organized and established in a small team the summer cinema on the racetrack, which has been held every year since then. Since 2020 Corinna has been in charge of the Middle German Short Film Festival Kurzsuechtig, which has been held in Leipzig since 18 years.


Paula Brill

I'm Paula, 18 years old, I finished school last year, and am now doing volunteer service at the Polaris youth center. Then of course I also like to watch films. My mom, in particular, brought me to watch films. I always had small "film phases" with her, e.g. a decade, an actor, a director or just a certain genre.

Anton Radke

I'm Anton Radke, I'm 19 years old and originally from Berlin. I'm starting to study politics at FSU this semester. Ever since we attended a short film festival as part of our English class and also treated it in class, I've been enthusiastic about short films. I particularly remember the drama "Balcony".