Kids short film cinema at the Auerworld Festival # 2 Mo&Friese on the track of nature

On Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th, 2022 we will be guests at the Mobile Cinema of the Auerworld Festival in Auerstedt.

On both evenings, as soon as it is dark enough, animations, documentaries and feature films from the program of the Young Short Film Festival Hamburg "Mo&Friese" (short film rental Hamburg) will be shown open air in nature.

To the programm:

The world around is full of tracks that can be explored with ears and eyes.

This programme with six short films for children from the second grade offers a wide range of films from documentary to different animations. They invite children to enter different perspectives.


Sounds of Nature

film still Sounds of Nature
Fiction Austria, Germany, Switzerland
direction: Simon Weber

Ten-year old Finn takes a Sunday walk into the woods with his parents. He pays more attention to his Game Boy than to nature, upsetting his father who takes it away. Suddenly, a strange noise catches the boy‘s attention. His mystical journey into a new world of hidden possibilities begins.

Things are changing

film still Things are changing
Animation Germany
direction: Andrea Martignoni, Roberto Paganelli, Kinder des Horts Anna-Susanna-Stieg

Zu einer Symphonie aus Alltagstönen bewegen sich Farben auf schwarz und weiß. Sie formen Blumen und Tiere und setzten sich dann wieder neu zusammen.

Der Film entstand 2012 in dem Mo&Friese Filmworkshop "Film den Ton" mit einer Kinderhortgruppe in Schnelsen unter der Anleitung der italienischen Filmemacher und Soundkünstler Andrea Martignoni und Roberto Paganelli.

Fruits of clouds

film still Fruits of clouds
Animation Czech Republic
direction: Kateřina Karhánková

Deep down in small burrows beneath dark woods lives a group of hairy beasties. They feed themselves only by glowing fruits that drop down from the sky. One day, the fruits stop falling. The bravest decides to take the way through the dark woods...


film still Becoming
Documentary Netherlands
direction: Jan van IJken

In great microscopic detail, we see the fascinating transformation a salamander embryo, starting with the first cell division.

I spy with my little eye

film still I spy with my little eye
Fiction Germany
direction: Alexandra Nebel

Mia is full of imagination when she convinces the timid Ingo to play "I spy with my littl eye" in the kitchen. More and more the game dissolves the kitchens reality and melts it into a wild seaadventure-animation-mixture.

One, Two, Tree

film still One, Two, Tree
Animation France
direction: Yulia Aronova

It's the story of a tree, a tree like any other. One day, it jumps into a pair of boots and goes off for a walk inviting everyone it meets to follow. Boring everyday life fades as they all skip and dance along happily.