Queer Shorts in Gera Once again - one of the best programmes of the 20th Festival

Together with Cellu l`Art Jena we will show at the backyard of the Tonhalle in Gera the best short films from all over the world.

The short films of "Queer Shorts" tell about the protagonists being constantly in a process of self discovery. They learn more about themselves while engaging in power plays, dealing with their own past and struggling with the norms of society. New­found confidence and inner strength – in one way or the other – await.

If the weather is fine, we will build a cozy sitting area with flame barrels and a big screen in the backyard. If it rains, we will invite everyone to the Jugendclub C-One (Clara-Zetkin-Str. 1 (Tonhalle), 07545 Gera).

The most of the films are in English. And the entrance is free!

Snacks and drinks will be provided. Hope to see you in Gera!
(Clara-Zetkin-Str. 1 (Tonhalle), 07545 Gera)

تلاتة سنتيمتر

Three Centimeters

film still تلاتة سنتيمتر
Fiction Great Britain
direction: Lara Zeidan

The joyful ride with the ferris wheel slowly turns into a claustrophobic oppression for these four teenage girls.



film still Rick
Documentary Germany
direction: Jan-Peter Horstmann

He’s gay, he’s deaf, he’s an adult porn actor. He is Rick!

Câm Lặng

The Mute

film still Câm Lặng
Fiction Vietnam
direction: Pham Tien An

A young woman walks through a rainy night, searching for herself, her past, and her future.



film still Beauty
Documentary Canada
direction: Christina Williams

Five children talk about their experiences with gender norms and the feeling of living in the “wrong” body.

The Dam

The Dam

film still The Dam
Fiction Australia
direction: Brendon McDonall

Spending their remaining years, two longtime friends finally find the courage and strength to confess their feelings for each other.

Neko No Hi

Cat Days

film still Neko No Hi
Animation Germany
direction: John Frickey

Jiro feels sick. At the doctor’s office, he gets a strange diagnosis. But Jiro doesn’t seem pleased with it... Meow!