queere Kurzfilme beim Kahla Courage

Our short film program on the occasion of the 3rd Kahla Courage Festival is completely dedicated to the motto of our host event: visible - queer - radically solidaric. Visible through a tender look at the life of, among other, drag and dance artists. Queer - through all ages and social classes, from craftsmen and housewives to young filmmakers and company bosses. Radically solidaric - with the dreams and desires, the everyday life and the craftsmanship of the protagonists.
(Gries, Kahla)


film still Mother's
Documentary Belgium
direction: Hippolyte Leibovici

A drag queen family of several generations is getting ready for the next performance. Their conversation is a mixture of jokes, teasing and deeply private and serious topics.

Mini DV

film still Mini DV
Documentary Israel
direction: Shauly Melamed

Shauly Melamed got his first camera at the age of 12 and found the footage again 14 years later. These recordings make a documentary film which shows the first steps not only in filmmaking but also in self-understanding.

Hands and Wings

film still Hands and Wings
Fiction Republic of Korea
direction: Sungbin Byun

A young man with disabilities is going through unrequited love and trying to get out of his dependency from his mother.

Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves

film still Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves
Animation Croatia, Estonia, France
direction: Chintis Lundgren

A married couple goes through ordinary problems: losing a job, lack of money, cooling of emotions. A part-time job and a seminar show new possibilities in life and help to understand yourself and the other better.


film still Durch:Bruch
Experimental Germany
direction: Polymora Inc, Enby Anakin, Zofia

Performance collective Polymora Inc., video artist Sophie Stephan and rapper ENBY ANAKIN come together to present their art in film with low barriers to an audience as wide as possible.

Luca m/w/d

film still Luca m/w/d
Documentary Germany
direction: Hannah Schwaiger, Ricarda Funnemann

Carpe Diem. Life is your own stage – do whatever feels right at this very moment.