Shorts for Solidarity

The last few weeks have been marked by frightening news: People who lost loved ones and homes overnight and now find themselves caught up in the horrors of war. With our programm “Shorts for Solidarity” we want to express our solidarity with all people who are currently suffering from armed conflicts. Living with each other peacefully, support and tranquility are themes that will be seen on the screen at this event.

May 1st, 2022 at 8 p.m., at Großer Saal, Haus auf der Mauer.

The donation proposal received will be donated in full to the organization Voices of Children (
(Großer Saal)
Haus auf der Mauer


film still Metarobota
Documentary Ukraine
direction: Vasyl Lyah

In a routine full of boredom, sometimes you just need to grow some sunflowers to enlighten your daily life.

Sweet Night

film still Sweet Night
Animation Belgium
direction: Lia Bartels

Looking for the cure of his sleeping problems, a bear travels through the night searching for honey.


film still Rocknrollers
Documentary Netherlands
direction: Daan Bol

A teenager remembers tough times and shows gratitude towards his friends.


film still Estou?
Animation Portugal
direction: Pedro Martins

A lonely life is fulfilled with household activities, cats… and a special call.