Our Youth Jury

As every year, there is also a Youth Jury award at cellu l'art. This award is not granted by the expert jury, but by a youth jury: young people under the age of 21 who are enthusiastic about short films.

Paula Brill

I'm Paula, 18 years old, I finished school last year, and am now doing volunteer service at the Polaris youth center. Then of course I also like to watch films. My mom, in particular, brought me to watch films. I always had small "film phases" with her, e.g. a decade, an actor, a director or just a certain genre.

Anton Radke

I'm Anton Radke, I'm 19 years old and originally from Berlin. I'm starting to study politics at FSU this semester. Ever since we attended a short film festival as part of our English class and also treated it in class, I've been enthusiastic about short films. I particularly remember the drama "Balcony".