Competition 1 Living, dying and all the rest of it

Decisions Consequences ... define our path from the beginning till the end Living, Dying ... and all the rest of it
Villa am Paradies


film still Boo
Fiction Germany
direction: Rupert Reid

An elderly couple has their very own way to deal with death…


film still Zombi
Fiction Spain
direction: David Moreno

When you can’t remember anything, have an empty gaze and forgot how to talk – you are a zombie, aren’t you?

Zweihundert Stunden

film still Zweihundert Stunden
Documentary Germany
direction: Steven Mehlhorn

“You’re starting on foot, landing on your feet, lying on your belly with your head straight ahead like a bird, with a clear view downwards – you’ll only get that with dragons…” Ulf Kern talks about flying.

Saloperie de pruneaux

film still Saloperie de pruneaux
Fiction Switzerland
direction: Rinaldo Marasco

Two brothers survive in a campervan on the outskirts of a deserted street. One of them is selfless, the other a highly gifted deaf-mute.


film still Donald
Animation Germany
direction: Daniel Acht

The highlander Donald betakes to the Scottish lowlands and provides for lots of excitement. He wears a kilt instead of pants. Even the sheep are puzzled and ask him what happened to his pants. Beautiful Peggy is not bothered at all: she likes the dashing man and invites him to dance.


film still Terminal
Fiction Switzerland, Canada
direction: Samuel Flückiger

Georg and his daughter Rachel travel to Zurich, where she is planning physician-assisted suicide. As her last hours are elapsing, he sees his last chances fading to make her change her mind.


film still Fractured
Experimental China, Germany
direction: Alina Cyranek

Dancing uses the human inability to communicate with other cultures as a means of expression of the own speechlessness, torn between control and despair. Black and White, Yin and Yang, Wilderness and Brittleness. A mutual unquestioning nature.

Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto

film still Seven Minutes in the Warsaw Ghetto
Animation Denmark
direction: Johan Oettinger

In the ghettos of Warsaw 1942. Samek, an-8-year-old boy, cheeky and full of live, peeks through a hole in the Ghetto Wall and sees a carrot on the other side of the sidewalk. With help of a piece of wire he tries to get the carrot to his side, not knowing that closely positioned SS-men are watching his every move closely.

Shoot For The Moon

film still Shoot For The Moon
Fiction Spain
direction: Casandra Macías Gago

On 21st July 1969 the whole world watched live as the first human walked on the moon. But in reality, everything was a little different: The moon landing was pre-shot one week previously – in an aircraft hangar in Area 51.

From Dad to Son

film still From Dad to Son
Animation Germany
direction: Nils Knoblich

A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help farming his crops. In his desperate situation he suddenly has the idea to use the guards to plough the crops of his father…