Competition 3 Danger|Blind

Danger is everywhere: sometimes just a thought, sometimes waiting for you around the corner. Sometimes danger makes you laugh and sometimes danger makes you go blind.

Say Nothing

film still Say Nothing
Fiction England
direction: Roland Kennedy

An innocuous kids football game becomes a scene of aggression and loss of control.

El ruido del mundo // The Noise of the World

film still El ruido del mundo // The Noise of the World
Animation Spain
direction: Coke Riobóon

A composer is afflicted by a strange illness: he can hear every noise in the world. Through his music, he tries find a way to keep the sound under control.


film still Clean
Fiction France
direction: Benjamin Bouhana

On this autumn day, Eric, about thirty, has a small problem. A jar in his hand, he is desperately seeking help.

Solitudes Loneliness

film still Solitudes Loneliness
Fiction France, Romania
direction: Liova Jedlicki

The police conduct an investigation after a young Romanian prostitute is raped. She does not speak French. A translator has to make the link between the authorities and the victim.

Rollin’ Safari

film still Rollin’ Safari
Animation Germany
direction: Kyra Buschor, Anna Habermehl & Constantin Paeplow

Rollin' Safari is a series of four short clips about bloated African animals which have huge problems to handle their daily routine.

Baghdad Messi

film still Baghdad Messi
Fiction Belgium
direction: Sahim Omar Kalifacierz

Iraq, 2009. Little Hamoudi (10) is totally obsessed with football. Just as the rest of the world, he and his friends are eagerly looking forward to the Champions League finale FC Barcelona-Manchester United. The long awaited clash between Messi and Ronaldo. But then Hamoudi's television breaks down…

De naam van de vader // In the Name of the Father

film still De naam van de vader // In the Name of the Father
Fiction Belgium
direction: Timothy Wennekes

De naam van de vader tells the story of Thomas, a 16 year old boy, trying to find his own path within the community of Jehovah's Witnesses he's raised in.