Andreas Baltschun

Andreas Baltschun went to college at Bauhaus Universität Weimar, majoring in media design. His works have been awarded several times, ran at numerous festivals like the Next Generation in Cannes, the Today Award of the Berlinale, the Max-Ophüls-Preis and the DOK Leipzig. His debut film „Für Elise“ was awarded the main price (The Art of Film Award 2012) at the “Festival of German Films”. Baltschun is an editor who puts emotion into the main focus of his work. It is the story that is being told, whether the result is fictional or non-fictional – 30 seconds or 30 hours long. He is a part-time lecturer in editing and montage at the University of Television and Film Munich.

Babette Hnup

She was born in Vienna and moved to Paris during her course of studies. The originally planned stay as an Au-Pair turned into 15 years in which she worked as a journalist for the German press. Love brought her back to Germany and she’s been living in Hamburg for five years now. In addition to her work as a freelanced journalist for the NDR, she works as an author and producer for other public TV stations and also for the production company

Among other things, she was an author for the HR report “Mediensucht” (2015), as well as a producer for ZDF report series “Herr Eppert sucht” (2011/13). As a video journalist she makes and cuts film clips and image films and makes one short film a year, which she submits to various festivals. She does these things without a budget but with lots of passion.

Volker Traumann

Volker Traumann was born in 1967 in Erlangen und studied theatre pedagogy at the Universität der Künste Berlin. Since 1996 he’s been living in Bamberg and works in the fields of film, theatre and circus. As an actor and pedagogue for theatres he worked in the ensemble of the Landesbühne Oberfranken for several years. He now works as an independent actor and host. Since 2005 he manages the ZIRKUS GIOVANNI in Bamberg and teaches courses in theatre, clowning, artistic and “Social circus”. After several years of film work with disadvantaged young people and his own film projects, he started working as a Festival Director of the Bamberger Kurzfilmtage in 2006.

Nina Katschmarek

My name is Nina and I am 16 years old. I am in 10th grade at Leuchtenburg Gymnasium in Kahla. During my spare time I like to do sports and listen to music. I’m interested in films and I think short films are very special. They are able to capture, to shock and to entertain people within a short period of time. The fascination is that you can express lots of things, like feelings, but also reach out to many people.

Lorenz Krieger

I am Lorenz, 17 years old and visit the Waldorfschule. For three years now I’ve been a member of the theatre in the youth club at Theaterhaus Jena and from this season on also at Stellwerk Weimar. I really like to watch good movies and especially enjoy movies of older directors like Hitchcock, Fellini, Buñuel and Truffaut. A few years ago I made some short films with friends of mine; today I’d rather watch them.

Nadja Sühnel

My name is Nadja, I am 17 years old and in 12th grade at Jenaplanschule. I appreciate a good script the most; otherwise I am not very picky about the different movie genres. I like to engage myself into many genres. The thing I like about short films is the fact that you can take your time in creating moments that have to be cut out in other films because of their plots.